Nemiranda Cafe and Restaurant in Angono

Word association is one of the games we use as an energizer in corporate training. It’s amazing how participants would come up with words and at times would have to explain to the group how a word is related to the previous one. In one occasion, a participant related the word art to Angono followed by another to Nemiranda. Here is the explanation:

Angono gained the sobriquet as the Art Capital of the Philippines since a number of highly acclaimed artists and musicians including two National Artists, maestro Lucio San Pedro and painter Carlos Botong Francisco hailed from this lakeshore town. A disciple of Botong is Nemesio Miranda Jr. who is popularly known in the art circle as Nemiranda.

In 2008, we visited the Nemiranda ArtHouse and wowed at the creations of Nemi including the larger-than-life sirena that arches above the entrance of the art gallery. This glaring structural artwork is repeated in some parts of the home-studio as well as in the Nemiranda Café and Restaurant located along the town’s main road.

At the Nemiranda Café, good food is complemented by paintings of mythical creatures, nature goddesses, mother and child sketches all created by the venerable artist along with artworks by his children and fellow artists from Rizal.

While Nemi continues to capture his home town’s mystic charm in his artworks, the creative architecture of the Nemiranda Café along Angono’s national highway continues to tell passers by that they are now in the Art Capital of the Philippines.