Pakil, Laguna

Pakil’s Century Old Church of San Pedro AlcantaraDanny Dalena House-Museum | Pakil’s Delicate Art of Wood Shaving | Bernard Vista Cafe and Art Space |


Published on October 30, 2009 at 5:43 pm  Comments (5)  

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  1. ano pangalan ng natural spring pool na nasa likod ng simbahan?
    Thank oyu^_^

    • turumba po ang name nun… it is a spring… during summer there’s a lot of people there… punta po kau… its more fun in the philippines

  2. maganda dito sa pakil… behind that church lies a cold pool, litaral talagang malamig. Dahil naturally galing sa bundok yung tubig. I wont forget it two years ago with barkadas. We wish we could go back again.

  3. hi,
    we are talking here in Pakil on how we can besst sell pakil in tourism somebody said about travel bloggers and i thought about you being a Pakilenyos.we are advocating nature and sustainability we are partners of differents schools/university in tree planting activities.we want to revive ahunan sa inumpog incorporating love of nature thru diff activities this june 25 we will be organizing AHUNAN SA INUMPOG WTH TREE PLANTING WITH DIFF.SCHOOL/ORG MAY YOU BE INCLUDED IN OUR COORDINATORS.HOPE you can help. warmest regards.

  4. Hi!

    Would it be ok to lift some of your photos and blog about pakil. We have a facebook site and we would like to post it there. Thanks!

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