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Above and Below the Ground of Nagcarlan | An Unscheduled Road Trip of a Curious Traveler to Majayjay | Majayjay Church: A Repository of Folk Memory | The Noble Town of Pila | Ancestral Houses of Pila |  Pagsanjan’s Calle Real San Pedro’s Sampaguita | Lumban Embroidery | Darkside of Mariang Makiling | University Town Los Banos | Calauan Pineapple |

Paete | Panguil | Pakil | San Pablo City

The Idyllic Ancestral Home of the Mercados in Calamba | Following the Footsteps of Rizal in Calamba | Home of the Other Rizal in Los Banos | Bahay Laguna | Danilo Dalena House | Monterola Museum | Museo ni Cipra | Enchanted Kingdom | Coco-cola Museum | Pila Museum |

Coco Festival | Paete’s Salinbanda | Bangkero Festival | Ana Kalang Festival | Turumba Festival | Itik Festival |


Published on November 6, 2009 at 4:45 pm  Comments (5)  

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  1. Magdalena is such a wonderful and rustic place to visit. I made it especially in Bahay Laguna.

  2. tnx for posting very informative articles and pictures of places in our country. very helpful for me as a tour guide. hope to read posts from provinces of central luzon. keep it up and thank you very much. Godbless….

  3. hi

    my new page

    have fun

  4. hi! i had a great time looking at your’s 1am and i didn’t feel sleepy at all. i love your pics and the info also about my hometown..LAGUNA.=)
    next time please feel free to visit again take a tour around MAGDALENA,LILIW,SINOLOAN and MABITAC. there’s still a lot more to discover and take pictures from.=)

    • We love visiting Laguna Minella. the sceneries are splendid and worth revisiting.

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