Intramuros, Manila

Maynila, Ever Noble and Loyal City | Intramuros | Plaza Roma | A Short Walk from Postigo Gate ׀| The Power and Might of the Cross | Calle Muralla | Around Intendencia |Fort Santiago |


Rizal Shrine at Fort Santiago Casa Manila Museum | Barrio San Luis | San Agustin Church ׀  San Agustin Museum The Art of Manila Cathedral | Intramuros Light and Sound Museum | Baluarte de San Diego | El Amanecer | Ilustrado Restaurant | Gates of Intramuros |

Father Sepulveda Murder Case | Plaza Sampalucan Scandal of 1621 | The Augustinians, Franciscans, Jesuits, Dominicans and Recollects | The Assassination of General Bustamante | Lady in Blue Sash and the Cradle of Basketball in the Philippines Trail, Travels and Travails of the Statue of Isabel | Nung Bata Pa si Sabel |Colegio de Sta. Rosa’s Legend of the Twisted SwordTales of Death from the Dungeons and Jail Cells of Fort Santiago ׀ The Lost Villages of Extramuros |

The Grand Marian Procession | Cory Aquino Funeral Honors |


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  1. Manila is my domicile address. I was born and raised in Manila. I was educated in Manila. Wherever I go, my heart longs for Manila.

  2. I am trying to find an old map of Intramouros-my father’s family lived there -my grandfathers name was Edmundo Aenlle he was a judge- and there were many children eliodoro elsa,ester, eloy,engracio;eddy edmundo emma ,erlinda,all their names started with e-they were an old spanish family-from Gallicia Spain-during the 2nd world war the house was destroyed-do you know of any body who would have information about the old spanish families that lived there?my name is maria cristina aenlle-simons

    • Hi Christine, my grand grand mother name was Ester Aenlle and she was from a Spanish family that resided in Manila. After her parents died she was sent to an orphan place in Barcelona and married my grand grand father. That is what I know. Please reach out if you wish to exchange info.

  3. Filipino soldiers and officers under the 53rd Infantry Division of the Philippine Commonwealth Army was liberated and recaptured in Intramuros, Manila on February 23rd, to February 26th, 1945 and aiding the local guerrillas and U.S. military forces and they defeats against the Japanese.

  4. I love my Manila…The place I born…The place I will die…I love so much our Spanish heritage.

  5. Army Lieutenant Daniel C. Arcilla is a Commanding Lieutenant of the 53rd Infantry Division, Philippine Commonwealth Army and the first Filipino military heroism on the fall of Intramuros on February 23, to 26, 1945 during the Battle of Manila.

  6. Remembering for the Battle of Intramuros from February 23, to February 26, 1945 between the combined U.S. and Philippine Commonwealth military forces including recognized guerrilla units to defeated and attacking Japanese Imperial forces in Intramuros, Manila. Over 100,000 Filipino civilians was killed by a hand of the Japanese forces during World War II.

  7. Thank you for taking the time to create this wonderful blog.

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