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  1. During the Liberation of Manila in 1945, The execution of two Filipino jurist of the Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines Anacleto Diaz and Antonio VIlla Real was captured, tortured, murdered and executed by the hand of the Japanese Imperial forces at Taft Avenue in Ermita, Manila.

    Elpidio Quirino (now. President of the Philippines) was re-elected to the Senate but was not able to serve until 1945. During the Battle of Manila in World War II, his wife, Alicia Syquia, and three of his five children were killed as they were fleeing their home.

    And Over 100,000 to 150,000 Filipino civilians was killed by the Japanese soldiers in Manila on February 1945.

    The Ermita district in Manila was liberated and recaptured by joint U.S. & Philippine Commonwealth military ground troops including the local recognized guerrillas and killing and attacking Japanese Imperial forces.

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