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Hello I am Glenn Martinez. I’ve been working in a fast-paced and always changing environment as a business process trainer, management and leadership training facilitator, instructional designer and learning consultant in different occasions for more than ten years. In between professional work and during spare time, I manage Traveler on Foot, a collection of online photo-essays and travel narratives about my experiences as a local traveler and things that I am interested in: Philippine history, Filipino art, architecture, food, culture, folk and tribal art, late 19th century and early 20th century furniture and objects.

As a travel blogger, I believe that everything I need for Traveler on Foot is already made. The words to describe the amazing journeys and experiences with my son and favorite travel companion, Joaquin are ready for composition. The scenery, architecture and monuments, the natural landscape, the artworks, remnants of our colorful past, our tangible heritage and happiest fiestas, festivals and traditions are waiting to be captured by our camera lens. The kindest people are eager to share their stories and we are equally eager to listen to their life stories. The destinations are just there ready to be discovered and explored.

Remember that God has created a beautiful country for all of us and He wants every Filipino to experience it. He allowed our nation to have a colorful history so that we get to enjoy today a rich heritage and share our amazing culture to the world!

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  2. Thank you for confirming my subscription .. so many interesting topics. My wife and I would surely enjoying reading… She is a born traveler.

    Thanks also for helping in finding a sculptor.


  3. Hello Glenn, I so appreciate your blog! It was through trying to find history of a carving I bought 25 years ago, that I found your site. I see the identical carving on your Pakil Wood Shavings page…it is a bird connected to a fan, Do you know if Conchita makes this one or someone else in Pakil? (Writing from USA), thankyou!, Del

    • Hello Mndel, Yes Conchita still makes those carvings in Pakil.-Glenn

  4. I hope to read more of your works. We are holding a photo exhibit on Colonel Simon Tecson on Feb 5 2015. Thank you very much for writing about San Miguel, Bulacan.

  5. this is my first time to read your traveler on foot photo journals. i am impressed with your sense of history and love of culture. your essays are very inspiring and your photographs are impressive. i am very much motivated to see the places you have visited and follow your footsteps. i enjoyed reading your blogs than reading a philippine history book.

  6. Hello Glenn ~

    The CAKE&WHISKEY editorial team is very impressed with your blog. I left a message for you through Traveler on Foot’s Facebook. I’d love to discuss it more with you.


  7. Hi Sir! My parents have this really old escritorio that belonged to my gread grandfather. however, it needs to be restored and as i was searching for antique furniture restorers i came across your blog. it is very inspiring and educational. i was hoping maybe you could refer good antique restorers. 🙂 thank you for the time and effort you have given to your beautiful blog.

  8. Great blogs! Filipinos take for granted the history that is all around them. Hopefully, your travels will wake up those who haphazardly demolish treasures of the Filipino culture.

  9. HI Kuya Glenn

    We will be visiting Philippines on 14 May till 25 May

    Just need your suggestion on interesting places in Manila


  10. Traveling to the P I. Later this year,thanks for the info.

  11. Hi Sir, God Bless you always. Your blog made me feel delighted!! Filipino arts, places and more are the best!

  12. hi author, would like to know if there’s another way to reach you privately. please reply to this message or send email to green,inc@hotmail.com

  13. Hi and good afternoon! I stumbled upon your blog regarding the Escolta Museum and wanted to ask about some references you made? I’m currently doing research on some topics you mentioned but would prefer getting in touch with you directly and more privately, if that’s possible.

    Hoping to hear from you! Thanks!

  14. […] Glenn Martinez of traveleronfoot.wordpress.com. I was finding good articles that could give the fastest way to get from Siquijor to Cebu. I found his wonderful travel blog. Humble man who travels with his son and has passion for the Filipino culture, arts and heritage. […]

  15. I love your feature on the Enriquez Mansion. I always watch this beautiful mansion in awe from the glass window of aircon buses plying Bicol-Quezon-Manila route when I go home to my native town in Masbate.

  16. good day sir! this is smile siervo of gma news and public affairs. we are currently doing a documentary about andres bonifacio at tejeros convention. may we request for your permission some of your photos of andred bonifacio for our documentary sir? rest assured that we are going to acknowledge your piece rightfully with your name. you may reach me directly at 090xxxxxxxx. thank you sir!

  17. I have been a travel agent for so many years now promoting travels here and around the world. Have been thinking of highlighting Angono as a tourist destination to add to the usual day tours being offered by tour operators in the Philippines. As I surfed the web, I came upon your website which has been very informative about a variety of places both frequently visited and still undiscovered by travel agents like me.

    You are a big help to my work in promoting local travels. Although I have not visited all places featured in your website, just reading through it I feel like I have been there myself.

    Thank for featuring Poblacion, Makati, my hometown and where I live until now.

    I work for TAT Philippines Travel as the Manager for Marketing and Leisure Travel. Our company is affiliated with Tunisian Asian Travel Agency in Tunis Africa. This is one of the countries where I will be sending the itineraries of tours in the Philippines.

  18. Hi, I am doing a learning module for DepEd for use of public school students. Can I use some of your pictures and use materials from your articles about handicraft? Of course, I will provide reference or citation. Please! 🙂

  19. I love your blog… giving us more tips on where to go even just around the city. Keep it up.

    • Thank you Czarhmaine for the kind words.-Glenn

  20. Hello nice blog indeed! I’m doing a research about our Ancestral Houses and I found your blog has many sources article. However, I am asking if I can get some of your photos for my research and if there is some fee to be made, then please let me know.


  21. Like you blog….looking at these seems I’ve been there myself…..one dream that I wanted to do…visit places in the Philippines.

  22. Salamat , nag-enjoy ako…lalung-lalo na sa mga JARS !!! More power!

  23. Hi! I’m Marianne Aleli Danguilan. I’m working for GMA. I would like to ask if you know a new resort and park here in Metro Manila? With low entrance free rate. Thank you!

  24. love your blog!

  25. Love your Blogg – giving me travel ideas

  26. hi traveler, ganda ng blog mo..if mapunta ka sa oriental mindoro, i wish makapasyal ka sa book cafe ko, first book cafe in oriental Mindoro http://www.facebook.com/pages/MIND-BODY-book-cafe/169141546447934..tnx God bless

  27. Hello, my name is Elen and I help put together the newsletter of the parish of Sta Cruz in Manila. I saw the photos you took of last year’s fiesta procession. May I ask your permission to use a couple of the photos you took? We have no budget for this, but if you agree, I can send you a copy of the parish souvenir book that was published this year and a copy of the October issue of the newsletter with your photos in it (with the proper attribution). Thank you.

    Elen Yam
    Parish of Sta. Cruz

  28. Good day! I’m Katrin Anne Francisco, a program researcher. I would just like to ask about the snake wine in quiapo blog. Do you know the vendor at the carriedo st? Please do let me know. Thank you! Or you can personally contact me at —–

    • Hello Katrin, Unfortunately, I don’t have the contact information of the snake wine dealers in Quiapo. And lately I have not seen them in Plaza Goiti where I usually see them.

  29. i’m thankful to have found your site. it provided me with the answer about something.. very useful indeed. God bless you!

  30. Great travel stories! Congratulations on your very informative website.:)

  31. Glenn, Anne & Joaquin,
    Salamat sa inyong kwento ng paglalakbaya

    Bayani Ray Acala

    • Beyok. Musta? well visit you there soon

  32. Dear Sir,
    what a wonderful website.
    I write for a Hong Kong Magazine on textile subjects. i am writing about the Pina cloth and found your wonderful photos on the embroidery, i hope you can grant us permission to use your photos, they will be properly crdited and linked to your site as you wish, please contact me and we can discuss further and I can show you some past articles

  33. I really love your site

    • To all reader of this blog. Emma (Tabil) Vaughan was my world history teacher in high school. I owe her my interest in the local arts and culture. Thank you Ms. Tabil for visting and liking our site.

  34. Hi Glenn and Anne! I am Rochelle, associate editor for Balikbayan Magazine, a travel lifestyle magazine (www.balikbayanmagazine.com). I am currently doing a story on the Pugad Lawin monument for an upcoming issue in our magazine and would like to ask for your permission to quote the article you wrote “Retracing the Image Bonifacio in Our Consciousness.” Would acknowledge you and your blog accordingly. Thanks in advance.

  35. Hi Glenn and Anne, so great to see a beatiful art collection in your home. I noted that you are patrons of Dominic Rubio artworks, hope you can come to see his major show at the SM Megamall Art Center. We would love to have you on the opening night on March 23,6pm. He would love to see his collectors there! You may check it out until April 5. A great blog you have here!


    • Dear Traveller on Foot,

      We saw your features and very impressed with your blogs and photos. We are a small newsletter catering to the Filipino migrant workers in the UK. We give this publication for free to seafarers and other migrant workers in the local community area for free.

      We would like to feature you in our monthly publication by lifting some good photos and also reprinting your blog entries as a means to share to the Filipino workers abroad who do not have ready access to the internet to enjoy the wonders of their very own shores.

      I hope you can give us permission to do so. Thank you in advance.

      warm wishes from the caminera who walks alongside the traveller on foot .

    • We saw your features and very impressed with your blogs and photos. We are a small newsletter (Planet Philippines) catering to the Filipino migrant workers in the UK. We give this publication for free to seafarers and other migrant workers in the local community area for free.

      We would like to feature you in our monthly publication by lifting some good photos and also reprinting your blog entries as a means to share to the Filipino workers abroad who do not have ready access to the internet to enjoy the wonders of their very own shores.

      I hope you can give us permission to do so.

      • not a probem.

  36. Dear Traveler on Foot,

    We are interested in using your photos of Lucban embroidery for a guidebook that we’re doing for Sta. Rosa and it’s neighboring towns. I do not know where else to contact you regarding this matter but if you have questions, you can email me at maracelagner@gmail.com


  37. Hi, I’ll be doing a road trip to Sumilon, Cebu in 2 weeks and I googled the actual route and saw your blog about the other towns. I was just wondering how much time did you spend going around each town? 🙂 I’m supposed to be in Sumilon by 2pm, so I need to know what time I should live Cebu City to be able to visit all the towns and their historical sites. Thanks so much!

    • about an hour for each of the five towns down south Cebu Aira. Leave Cebu City as early as 6 am so you arrive in Oslob, the farthest we’ve been at 9.

      • Wonderful! 🙂 thanks so much!

  38. hi, i would like to ask permission. i would like to use a photo from your site showcasing old books relative to Phil. history. thank you very mch in advance. Indeed, you do have great shots and concepts. c;

  39. Hi. I am an alumna of St. Catherine’s School in Carcar, Cebu; I am writing an article on the ICM nuns (who ran the school starting in 1923) to mark the 100th year of the congregation. May I use the photo of the school that you posted on your blog to accompany my article? You will of course be credited for it. Thank you very much.

    • not a problem Gina. thank you for visiting our site.

  40. Dear Traveler on foot,
    Thank you for this informative & noble advocacy! more power & God bless always..

    Alan Rapsing

    • Hello Alan. Thank you for visiting our site.

  41. Hello, I’ve been reading your blog for some time and I find them very informative with highlights about Philippine heritage. I’m not quite sure if I’ve sent a previous message, but I would like to ask if it would be okay if I could link your blog to mine as I’ve decided to try blogging too.

    Thanks for sharing your travels.


  42. your kid is so cute… ang dami nyo na napuntahan… gusto ko i-try yung sa Taal Batangas… malapit lang din yun sa amin… from Cavite, 2 hours lang cguro yun… thanks for sharing your trips… =D


  43. Dear traveleronfoot:

    I am contacting from a leading advertising agency based in London. I am getting in touch with you as I am looking for quality websites, such as yours, to place some adverts on your website and would like to know if this is something which would be of interest to you?

    The placement of our adverts are contextually matched to the content on the page, therefore relevant.

    Do let me know if you are interested to discuss any partnerships with us as we feel the positioning of your website will have strong benefits for both parties.

    Please email me back with your thoughts or questions.

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  44. hello Traveller/s on Foot – looks like hindi pa kayo nakapunta sa Davao. I do hope you can visit my hometown soon. Cheers!

  45. Keeping my promise… 🙂

  46. Hi! I love your blog, which I just stumbled on by chance not long ago. I’m a friend of Howie Severino and Ipat Luna’s too! I’m a researcher based in the US, and wanted to learn more about the Bernardo Carpio legend and its many appearances and variations. My relatives live near Norzagaray, and there’s a footprint of Bernardo Carpio there too! As people who have traveled as much as you have, could you point me in the right direction(s)? Who might know more about these things, and where should I go to find them? Marami pong salamat!

  47. hello glen and anne,

    congratulations on your fantastic works featuring the beauty of our country. do drop by our studio when you’e in Cagayan de Oro.

  48. Hey Glenn and Anne! Congratulations. This is great work.

  49. hi, i want to nominate your blog in the wanderingjuan travel blog awards 2010. But the site requires me to include your email address and mobile phone number, which I do not know…could you email your contact info to me? Or if you want, you can ask someone you personally know to nominate you because you really deserve it! for more info, go to http://www.wanderingjuan.com/
    Good luck!!!

  50. Hi there!

    I was searching for wood carving products when your site about Pakil surfaced. I was wondering if you could help me connect with Mr. Rudel San Gaspar of the Whittling Arts and Crafts of Pakil Laguna. I tried calling his number but it no longer is in service. Is there any other way to get in touch with him? I would appreciate the help. Thanks a lot!

    • you can call me on my cellphone 09109001578 thanks

  51. I’m glad to find your site, especially with your interesting posts. I hope to read more stories about the beauty of the Philippines. I myself keep a travel blog and most of my posts are on the places I’ve visited within the country.

  52. Hi Glenn, Anne & Joaquin – your blog is one of the most informative, well-written blogs with great photos I’ve come acrossed with. You’re definitely achieving your goal of showcasing the Philippines, and for us Filipinos far from home, you definitely take us back home. Thank you so much for posting. I just came across your blog and am not done going through all your posts — I’m already hooked! God bless you for all your efforts… Keep up the great work! By the way, Joaquin has a promising career in photography 🙂

  53. hello!

    i saw your appreciation of art and artists in Paete Laguna, I would like to ask if you would happen to know how and where i can locate manuel baldemor, dominic rubio and joseph banez? i am a newbie art afficionado and would very much like to pay them a visit so i can learn more about these artists on a personal level.

    thank you so much for your time sir.


  54. Hello, I love your blogs! Wasnt expecting that you travel a lot. From this day forward, i promise to visit here more often as its really entertaining and i learn a lot. I cant promise i would visit all of the places you already visited but i will use this as a guide for my future plans! All the best Traveler on Foot! 🙂

  55. I remember how your blog helped me greatly in the past and up until now. To help spread the beauty of our country, I decided to make my own blog. Would you be interested to a link exchange? All the best! – gwen

  56. Mabuhay, Traveler on Foot… we are a bunch of “Antipolo kids” who are into ‘net-working’… we really appreciate your feature blog about our town, Antipolo…may we ask your kind permission to let us use some of your photos of Antipolo in our net account to promote your blogsite and our town too. God bless and thank you very much po.

  57. Hi Glenn! We met last Saturday on the Binondo food tour 🙂 Nice blog you have here; your pictures are definitely coffee table worthy. I’m glad a blog like this exists, kasi my friend and I need to research on certain places in Manila where we’ll be touring some friends from abroad. Your blog is just the help we need. Thanks a bunch and it was nice meeting you last weekend 🙂

    • Hi Kay. Thank you for visiting our blog. I am also glad to have walked with in Binondo. We enjoyed the tour. Keep on discovering our beautiful country and enjoy promoting it to your friends.

  58. Hi! Great blog! Would you be interested for a link exchange? Let me know. Thanks. 🙂

    • sure Weekend Haven.

  59. Your efforts to showcase our past is laudable. This is a welcome change from mindless malling. Besides, we might as well visit our heritage sites before “development” paves them over with malls and parking lots.

    However, please make it a point to USE DIACRITICS in writing Spanish names and terms. Seeing people write Jose instead of José, Lopez instead of López, and Hernandez instead of Hérnandez makes my blood boil. Failing to write with the accent marks is disrespectful to our heroes’s memory.

    Remember, use the diacritics: á é í ó ú

    Til’ the next time, Mr. Martínez

  60. HI Glenn and Anne,

    I am Mara Garcia.

    I was wondering if you accept press releases or stories that might be of help to travelers? you may reply to my email: mara@brandspeakasia.com

    Looking forward to your reply.

    Thank you.


  61. Finally, a blogsite that I can truly, truly relate with and enjoy during lunch hours!

  62. Hi! Fellow pinoy blogger here. Was wondering if you’d like to do a link exchange? I run a new but growing travel blog, focusing more on destinations in Asia.

    Hope to hear from you!

  63. I’d like to ask for your permission to include some of your photos in a book on the different regions of the Philippines. Thank you very much. I would appreciate your response so that I can explain more about the request. 🙂

  64. 26 Sept.2009 – Wish to complement you on your extraordinary work. The range, depth and quality of your coverage are truly remarkable, very helpful and informative. Lived and practiced Psychiatry here in Vancouver past 50 yrs. My wife and I donated ethnographic artifacts, ceramics and porcelain, antique maps and a library of Southeast Asian ceramics to the Museum of Anthropology and Main Library of the University of British Columbia for the benefit of the next generation of Filipino-Canadians. Your work brings it alive. Much thanks.

    • My pleasure Dr. Miguel. We have the same objective of preserving our heritage for the benefit of our children.

  65. Yo! Traveller,

    I was looking for the history of pan de sal when i found your page

    He’s a hot tanong. Who baked it first? Filipinos? Spaniars? Portuguese?

    Keep your pics and prose coming

  66. Hi Traveleronfoot,

    I chanced upon your site while looking for places to go in Quiapo. I’ve gone to mass at St. Andrews lots of times already since I lived near that area for about 3 years, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it was designed by Leandro Locsin. Thanks for making all this information available to us.

    God bless.


    • Near the center doorway you’ll find a plaque dedicated to the artist Valerie. Indeed it is amazing to discover information about the usual things we see often.

    • Hi Glenn and Joaquin! I’m Lend. I’m glad to find your site and making appreciation on our beautiful country. I would like to ask if you happen to know where I can locate or contact the artist like Angel Cacnio and the rest of the painter/sculptor in the photos. I really love arts and travelling and would very much like to pay them a visit.
      Looking forward to your reply.
      Maraming salamat TRAVELER ON FOOT!

  67. Would be very glad if you can help me locate a telephone or cel number of a person or establishment that sells jusi cloth in lumban, laguna. i just need to ask some questions as am doing research on jusi clothing materials.

    Thank you very much for your help.

  68. Hi !

    My name’s Brigid and I work for StarCentral Magazine how are you? We we’re browsing through Technorati just then and we happen to come across your blog site. Just letting you know that we think your blog site is amazing and we’ve decided to include it as a one of our top 10 blog sites of the month. I have posted a link below, please feel free to browse through our website and find out what our website and publication is all about. Have a good one!


    Best Regards,

  69. Thanks!

    I’ve just been again to the Phils, in Tiaong, and I have seen more things because your site has informed me about the 7 lakes, Uvgu Bigiyan and so on. I thought you also had a piece about the haunted house in Tiaong, but I can’t find it right now. Just want to thank you for your very cool website and for you to know you’ve helped someone who knows the Phils a bit, but not everything ofcourse. Even our family in Tiaong have never been to Ugu Bigiyan, I’ve changed that and hope to have make them proud of their city.
    In a few weeks I’ll have the pictures of Tiaong on my Flickr site: http://www.flickr.com/photos/stehouwerrecio/

    Again thanks and greetings,
    Alex Stehouwer (from the Netherlands)

    • Messages like this inspire bloggers like me knowing that we are able to help others and promote our country Alex. Enjoy your stay in our beautiful country!

  70. Wonderful website!

  71. Very nice information. Thanks for this.

  72. hey fellow traveler 🙂 thanks for dropping by my kmpost. i hope there’s a way for ytrip and the traveler on foot to work together – and maybe we could meet again the third time. Will email. Cheers!

  73. hi, just want to ask if you can feature our travel magazine in your blog. you can check out the mag and download it on http://www.juanphilippines.com. thanks!

  74. Hi, thank you for featuring one of Lighthouse Of Faith ministry, Bless the children, we have just given out 5oo school supplies to 500 children. Its a joint effort of people who love God, thank you so much. Its unexpected blessing. God bless you more than your expectations.
    Youre a blessing!

    • My pleasure Tita Mary C. I enjoyed the event and stay in Paete. Thank you for the warm and hospitable accomodation. I am positive through God’s grace your ministry will continue to bless lives.

  75. i am just wondering if you sell your antique bottles?

  76. Thanks a lot! I will, of course, credit the source.

  77. Hi there,

    Congratulations on a very entertaining blog.

    I’m a PhD student in history from the University of Melbourne. I writing a thesis on the way the martial law is memorialized and one of my chapters is about the Bantayog ng mga Bayani. I have photos of my own for the thesis but I find that yours are much better. May I use your photos of the Bantayog for my thesis?

    If you can, please send me an email. l.claudio@pgrad.unimelb.edu.au

    Thanks very much.

    • Not a problem Leloy. you may use the images of Bantayog from this blog.

  78. Hi there. My name is Paula and I am taking my masters in Philippines Studies in UP Diliman. I am currently doing a survey on how Nationalism and local tourism are related. Is it possible to send you a list of questions via email for this paper? I’ve seen your posts and I think your opinions would be very helpful.:) If it’s all right with you, kindly email me – filipinadiver@yahoo.com

    Thank you very much. I’ll wait for your response. 🙂


  79. Hi there. Thank you for increasing the awareness of this regal parish and shrine. The archangels are connected in every person, I personaly believe my angel St. Uriel has been guarding and guiding me. He chose my father-figure Msgr. Anatalio to be the rector and parish priest. Now, I have more than one reason to visit the place by foot, jeepney and by ferry. I like the last most especially. Now that they have a new shrine logo which we judged just recently(23rd shrine anniversary), a lot of movements and busyness is brewing up in that part of Pasig River. Thank you bro, keep it up!

    • Nice to hear from you Dexter. i am not aware of the ferry ride in going to San Miguel. I think it’s interesting. Perhaps this is another interesting way of inviting people to discover San Miguel Pro Cathedral and relive its glorious past.

      I believe that there’s more we can do to promote the National Shrine of San Miguel Archangel.

  80. Im am deeply fascinated with your travels, the photos and all. I am a music teacher from CSA Makati although documenting the rich heritage of Manila is one of my dearest pleasures … Im limited with the information that I have.

    At least now I have reference point!

    Thanks so much!!!


  81. Hi!

    Tina Decal here of Kulinarya Tagala. we met at Kape Kesada sometime in October. I had with me MS. MENG AYAG, a Fine Arts professor from EARIST, Nagtahan, Manila. She would like to invite to be a JUDGE on costume design competition in line with the celebration of NATIONAL ARTS MONTH on February 26, 2009. Please inform us where we could get in touch with you. Or you may call us at Tel. Nos: 728-1180 or 09275630989. Thank you.

  82. I too, would like to request the usage of any images you may have of the fiestas in Malabon and Manaoag. Your photographs are truly wonderful.

    I am producing a TV segment about Filipino American fiestas Stateside with the local provincial counterparts in Virginia: the Malabon Association and the Pangasinan Association of Hampton Roads, Virginia.

    Jay Sanchez
    producer – Fil Am Television – http://www.filamtelevision.com

    • not a problem Jay. Just site the source.

  83. I would like to request permission to publish your articles and photos in our weekly newspaper. We will of course acknowledge you as our source and put a free ad of your website in our own website, http://www.asianjournalusa.com. Please call us at 619.474.0588 if you have any question.

    Thank you for your kind consideration.

    Simeon Silverio

  84. Defense Language Institute
    1600 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 1030
    Arlington, VA, 22209
    p. 1.703.243.7858 / f.1.703.243.0761

    October 30, 2008

    Dear Traveler on Foot:

    We are writing to ask for permission to use photos, images and other materials you have uploaded on WordPress.com in the production of Tagalog language-teaching materials for non-profit educational use.

    We are developers of foreign language training materials for learners of various
    languages at academic institutions and for employees of the U.S. government. We would
    like to include images, photos and related materials available on-line from your WordPress.com site in our lesson units for print and on-line publication. These materials would represent only incidental parts of our work.

    We will include the appropriate copyright notice: “Courtesy of: Traveler on Foot (wordpress.com)” in the acknowledgment section of our language-teaching materials and related documentation.

    These materials will be used for non-profit educational purposes only. They will not be made available for commercial use. We would appreciate a written authorization by email, fax, or letter from you, allowing us to use your materials in this manner. Please send your response to:

    1) by email: Attn: Gaizel H. Lejano

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    Please feel free to contact me for any questions you may have. Thank you for your time and consideration on this matter. We look forward to hearing from you.


    Gaizel H. Lejano
    Subject Matter Expert

  85. You have an “eye” for visual photography and a listening heart for journalism. Great combination, you have inspired others like me to venture out of comfort zones and our usual weekend haunts..Keep up the great work.. this can be a profitable sideline…

  86. Hi Traveler! I just want to let you know how I love your travel blog. Aside from your amazing photos, the reader takes in the experience and the beauty of the various places you visit by your vivid descriptions and comments. Very informative and educational at the same time. I came upon your blog while I was researching on Museo Pambata. I’ve been there too, along with my family last August of this year. I’ll definitely be coming back to read more of your blog. Happy trip!

  87. Hi, I am a writing a book about Rizal and how Filipinos should wake up and start loving our country. I was never a fan of Rizal, I could remember only confusing and corny lessons about Filipino History back in school. I came across an ebook online (about a month ago) and downloaded it, it was an English translation of Noli Me Tangere by Charles Derbyshire. I read it and fell in love with our country. I even cried to realize how many Filipinos are so mistaken, mislead, following other countries snd other people’s trends when what we should follow is the fire that Filipinos in the past have started. I was ashamed of myself for not paying attention during my “Filipino” classes in school. I believe that your website is bringing back this “jewel” and showing modern Filipinos who they are by reminding them of the past. I want to do that also. I am writing a book and I’d like your help… email me and let’s share and talk about the Philippines that we should all love and cherish. Let’s bring back that same love for country that killed Rizal and many others.

    • The first book that our teacher handed us in Grade 1 was about the life of J. Rizal. I remember I would recite the book every single night until I memorized the whole book.
      I think the heroism of Rizal’s death opened the doors to those people of his race or alike. The sad plight of Filipino migration on the late 20th century and until recently was probably experienced by Rizal and his counterparts and for that matter, up to this day the younger Filipinos are facing another turn of history making globally.

  88. I like the pictures here…and you have a good looking boy.

  89. hi there! 🙂

    im isay buyco. im currently having an undergrad thesis in University of the Philippines, Diliman about mount banahaw. my study is about “if mount banahaw does fit to the description of backpacking tourism.”

    if you have anything that would help for my research, im asking if you can give me anything for my thesis. 🙂

    God Bless! 🙂

  90. i’m definitely linking your site. takes me to the philippines at the click of my mouse.

  91. hi Mr. traveler,
    i’m doing a research for the architecture of old house in san pablo city when i encountered ur site. i’m wondering if you would like to feature the other old house in spc that s in ruin….related also to malvar-fule….the old residential house of Prudencia Diones Fule…it served as refuge for Gen. Miguel Malvar during the fil-american war. do u have any contacts in natl historical commission so that we could negotiate for its renovation. sorry for the inconvenience but just like u, we both travel in a grandeur our history laid upon us…thank you vey much….pls email me

  92. Sorry for posting here but I cannot find your email address or contact form and I want to ask you if you want to exchange links with my website about Iloilo.


  93. Great essays!

  94. Hello Fellow Pilgrim and Traveller!

    Thank you for your extraordinary effort in making this journal/blog accessible.
    My maternal family belongs to the Cruz clan from Manila. As far as I can recall, my grandfather Don Mamerto S. Cruz,Sr was the chief(or one ) of the San Fernando,La Union to Tabaco City-the Bikol Railways.He
    was sent by the US & Phil gov’t to specialize in railway engineering at MIT in the US at that time.

    His dedication and contribution to the Manila/Phil. Railway was phenomenal! As a young,impressionable child, I personally witnessed his remarkable care and prudent responsibility in the railway operations even then, at that time, when he was already retired.
    Thank you again for your untiring quest for the historical past of the Philippines.
    “Yesterday is but a dream and tomorrow is only a vision. But today well-lived makes every yesterday, a dream of happiness and tomorrow, a vision of Hope!.
    Look well therefore to this day! (from Kalidasa)

    God bless.
    rose cavagnaro(nee cruz-cayetano)

  95. May 25,08 California USA
    Nostalgic memories growing up in a small but beautiful town of Majayjay ,reminiscing some 50 yrs ago on my early teen on puppy love ,honey and the bee ,first dance on cemented floor in month of May.How could I forget all of those remembrances on my old town ? The glitz and the glamor of Hollywood w/c I am living now is not the same feeling you have ,when you are on your old home .Travel on foot maraming salamat po , romeo

  96. My favorite travel blog!

    love it!

  97. Kudos to your advocacy! Wish to link up with your site soon. Keep it up! You’re rendering our country a great service! God bless you!

  98. Hi there, I love your pictures, they really evoke a sense of old Manila, with all the doors and windows and courtyards. We were there a few years ago and wish we had spent more time in Intramuros.

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