Ugu Bigyan

Ugo Bigyan

AUGUST 14.  While malls in Metro Manila are preparing for payday sale, fans of a celebrated potter are eager to go for that four-hour road trip to Tiaong, Quezon a day before the first payday in August to get a discount on coveted handmade pieces by Augusto “Ugu” Bigyan.

The discount is based on the potter’s age. Let’s say as of the writing of this blog, Ugu is 52 years old on August 14, so take off 52 percent from the pottery’s actual selling price. Next year it will be 53 percent off and so on.

Ugo Bigyan showroom

Ugo Bigyan pottery

UGU BIGYAN POTTERY. Before becoming a potter, Ugu went to school in Manila then found a job after graduating from college. He went back to his hometown to become an artist. He got encouragement and inspiration from potters Jaime and Anne de Guzman from the neighboring town of Candelaria.

It took four years for Ugu to perfect his meticulous, attractive, and one-of-a-kind pieces. These words are just some of the fitting adjectives to describe Ugu Bigyan pottery.

Ugo Bigyan kubo

Ugo Bigyan Bed and Breakfast

BRING HOME THE POTTER’S GARDEN. So aside from being meticulous, distinct and beautiful, why do bus-loads of people still throng to Ugu’s workshop in Tiaong on regular days to get truck loads of pottery? Answer: Because it’s like bringing home a piece of the potter’s garden.

Under the canopy of fruit bearing trees and surrounded by tropical plant life are huts where Ugu’s creations are showcased. Aside from pottery, Ugu also designs wooden furniture where guests can have memorable meals that the master potter personally prepares.

Ugo Bigyan pottery store

Ugo Bigyan potter

EPILOGUE. Ugu’s birthday only comes once a  year but meeting an artist like Ugu even on a regular day is worth celebrating. So visit him, his pottery, his garden and greet him: Thank you Ugu Bigyan for sharing your gift.

-14 August 2015

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