Ferdinand Doctolero

Ferdinand Doctolero

SABADO DE DOCTOLERO. Artists are busy people. On top of the mental activity of visualizing what to create with their hands, the artists will have to prepare pencil studies, the brushes, the colors and the mixing plate, the canvas or wood panel on which he or she will apply the oil paint, acrylic gesso or that modeling paste for that impasto effect on their painting.

So when mixed media visual artist and fine arts professor
Ferdinand Doctolero agreed to meet us one weekend at his home studio, we dropped whatever we are doing and just went to see him for brunch on Sabado de Gloria.

Ferdinand Doctolero artist

BRUNCH WITH DOC. Professor Ferdinand Doctolero over brunch is always enjoyable company, always full of stories, and always insightful about the world of art.

The art professor is known in the art circle as Doc. Well respected by generations of fine arts students, he is the department head of the College of Fine Arts at the Technological University of the Philippines. His former students, now CCP 13 artists awardees Joey Cobcobo, Mark Andy Garcia, and Dex Fernandez recall the several drawings they  have to submit to Professor Doctolero as one of the requirements in order to pass his class.

Ferdinand Doctolero palaspas

Ferdiand Doctolero illustrations

THE BOY WHO WANTED TO DRAW AND PAINT. Just like in the short story that he wrote The Boy Who Wanted to Draw and Paint, Doc encourages his students to keep on drawing, sketching, applying color on whatever their creative mind can think of.

Practicing what he lovingly preaches, Doc filled his home studio with playful artworks, doodles and drawings on paper. Different size canvases line up the ground and upper floors. The house is adorably inspiring for someone who wanted to draw and paint.

Ferdinand Doctolero puppet

Ferdiand Doctolero studio

YELLOW BELL STUDIO. Doc’s home studio is named after the yellow bell flowers the grows abundantly on their front lawn. Doc shares this art space with fellow artist and wife Beth Parrocha-Doctolero.

After brunch, Doc gave us a tour of Yellow Bell Studio, showing every piece of artwork that he and Beth have created. Joaquin moved around the house as if it were a playground with happy characters straight out from a children’s story book.

Sundalong Patpat

Ferdiand Doctolero Kata-kata

MGA ILUSTRADOR NG KABATAAN. Both Doc and Beth are members of the Ilustrador ng Kabataan or INK, an association of artists committed to the creation and promotion of illustrations for children.

Doc showed us some of the original illustrations he did for Sundalong Patpat, a short story by National Artist for Literature Virgilio Almario and the Tawi-tawi folk story Kata-kata: Paghahanap kay Ma’ajarat-Tornorka.

Ferdinand Doctolero Maharlikang Angel

Ferdiand Doctolero and Joaquin

EXCHANGE GIFT. Before leaving Yellow Bell Studio, Joaquin and Doc exchanged works. Doc got a watercolor drawing of the Ang Matapang na Bata from Joaquin and Joaquin received from Doc a mixed media painting of the Prinsipe Angel.

EPILOGUE. For Ang Matapang na Bata,  Joaquin applied what he learned from Doc in the short story The Boy Who Wanted to Draw and Paint:

The Boy used the Pencil, Pen, Paper, Brush, and Paint to interact together with the point, line, shape, form, color, texture and space…

And the Boy was happy with his work of art.

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  1. Sir Doctolero is indeed a great artist and I adore his art works. Reading this article reminds me of the times when I was in his classes in TUP a long time ago.

  2. Thank you for sharing with us your visit to Ferdinand Doctolero’s studio. And congratulations to Joaquin on his story and painting.

    • Hi Nicole. Every traveler should include visiting an artist studio as part of his itinerary.

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