Rovi Salegumba

ART HEALS. Aside from aesthetic purposes, it is believe that art in whatever form whether through music or literature has healing powers.  In the words of Pablo Picasso, Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.

Throwback 2012. It is a terrible time for me and my son. Our hearts are broken when I requested a painting from artist Rovi Jesher Salegumba.

GARDEN OF EARTHLY DELIGHTS. Rovi did not turn us down. In two months, he invited us to his studio to see the painting he made for us. From a narrow alley in Cubao, Rovi’s unfinished pieces can be seen from the street. He set his tropical-inspired studio above the garage.

Rovi revealed that his surreal human and animal forms were inspired by the creatures from Hieronymus Bosch’s The Garden of Earthly Delights. He uses impasto technique to achieve a three-dimensional rendering into his works.

ROVI’S STUDIO. That afternoon in Rovi’s studio, the artist showed us how to play a traditional Cambodian instrument called the Tro that he got from his travels. Rovi also played a violin.The vibrating melody from the string instruments compliments the look and feel of his art and studio -serene and uplifting.

Before leaving, Rovi sent us a signed copy of the Alamat ng Duhat written by Segundo Matias Jr. Rovi did the illustration for this Palanca award-winning children’s book.

IBONG ADARNA. The painting that Rovi created for us depicts the mythical bird known as the Ibong Adarna. According to legends, the songs from this magical bird cures all ills.

EPILOGUE. The Ibong Adarna painting has an exclusive place in our home and every time I look at it, it reminds me that our sadness has been healed and happiness in our hearts has been restored -the healing power of art.

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  1. I agree with you that art heals. I actually recently blogged about sketching as a source of solace for me.

  2. Your blog is very interesting. I have just returned to our country for a visit in Nov. last year and I’ve only visited just a few of the places you covered on here.

    Reading your blog makes me pine for another visit sooner if I can. I’m living in Australia but my wish is to retire in the Philippine countryside in due course.

    I surely will visit some of the places you featured. I would just request that for those places where the public can come, like the park, art galleries or restuarants, ancestral homes for public viewing, etc, can you please include the streets maybe or the barangays where in they are located. I’m sure many of them have their own websites, but I bet some of them don’t have for when people like me want to contact them, to make arrangement to go there. Of course, but then again, your blog is your private blog and not a paid blog to advertise these places.

    Thank you for your blog.

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