Staycations with TOF


STAYCATIONS. It’s obvious that we enjoy traveling but there are occasions when certain circumstances limit our traveling feet from doing this thing we love. Uncompromising schedules, a dominant priority, budget restraints are just some of the reasons that kept us from having our regular day tours or weeklong sojourns out of town lately.

However, things like these didn’t stop us from having a ‘vacation.’ So welcome to our bahay bakasyunan. It may sound pretentious but really this is just a place where we come home every day from work and school. It is in this home for two, for me and my son where we have invited friends we met in our travels to join us in our mini-vacations at home or how some people call it as staycations.



ART AND TRAVEL. The way we arranged things inside our house is influenced by the travels we had. We like to hand carry objects so our home is crowded with Travel Souvenirs. We want to come home every day to that look and feel we experienced in the rustic gardens of Ugu Bigyan, Casa San Pablo, Kusina Salud and several trips to Paete and Pakil. We had the most visits to Ancestral Houses the previous years so we arranged our furniture to echo the lifestyle in old Manila and in those charming provincial casas.

Recently, we got into visiting art spaces and Home Studios of Artist Friends so the current theme of our third floor study and library, as some visitors described it ‘mukhang art gallery daw.’ One thing is sure is that our home can never be minimalist in design. Much like of our diverse islands, cultures, and tradition, Traveler on Foot’s home is always crowded with travel finds and at times with friends we share the same passion with –art and travel.

Staycation TOF dining with Pepito and Doctolero


Recently we spent numerous lazy weekend afternoons with visual artists like Celso Pepito, Ferdinand Doctolero, Peter Mamayson, Eric Dy, and fellow travel blogger Karl Ace of Turista Trails.



TAMBAYAN NG MGA ARTISTS. I like idea that our home is a tambayan ng mga artists. Sometime around the last week of July, we hosted Day 44 of Albert Avellana’s 50-day birthday celebration with artists Mark Andy Garcia, Dexter Fernandez, and CCP 13 Artists awardee Joey Cobcobo.

On that special day, Dexter prepared his flavorful adobo spaghetti and minty mojitos to match the 50 candles in Albert’s cake that lighten up our study room as if it were a bonfire.



JUST GOT LUCKY. I really want our home to be a hang out place for artists and those who love art. We’ve opened it to those who are willing to share artistic talents and perform their creativity. Having artists spent their time with us fulfills my idea of a dream home.

On Ferdinand Doctolero’s visit, he gave one of my red side tables a facelift by painting his art on it. The same thing with metal sculptor Lucky Salayog who went to see us one Sunday afternoon to pick up an armless Sacred Heart of Jesus wooden statue to bring to his studio. He had this idea of attaching his metal sculpture of found objects to make this icon ready to accept our visitors with open arms.



MOVIE PROPS. Our guests openly expressed to us their favorite spot in our home. There are those who comfortably spent an entire six hours just eating and chatting up in our dining room. Some preferred chilling in the balcony near the study. But there are also those who find my bedroom as a preferred set for filming an indie movie.

Writer and television segment producer Raymond Dimayuga phone me one day, requesting to use my bedroom as set for a short film. On the shooting day, I was surprised to see veteran film and stage actor, the fisherman in Borne Legacy, Mr. Lou Veloso in the house.


COCOON. While I find my bedroom to be cozies part of the house but it is also the noisiest because the only window in here opens up to the street below. This large window with translucent capiz panels allow me to interact with the friendliest neighborhood.

The bed with its tall slatted kamagong headboard is a copy of the bed we slept in when we had that restful evening at Room 12 in Casa San Pablo. A painting of the Ibong Adarna, a healing bird created for us by artist Rovi Salegumba holds its own above the bed. Though I don’t spend long hours in my bedroom but for those staycations, I enjoy this space for the respite it provides. This is my favorite room.


EPILOGUE. This is my share for the PTB Blog Carnival this October, with the theme My Favorite Room, hosted by Eileen Campos of The Super Tourists. Click the official PTB logo for a list of previous carnival themes and hosts.


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  1. Glenn, your house is so beautiful and welcoming. The indoor photos all have a warm glow.

    Here in Seattle, December is a good time for a staycation. This post inspires me to gather together more often with fellow artists and writers. Thank you.

  2. Oh, wow! Your home is like an an art and Filipino heritage accommodation combined. This is so beautiful!

    “We want to come home every day to that look and feel we experienced in the rustic gardens of Ugu Bigyan, Casa San Pablo, Kusina Salud and several trips to Paete and Pakil.” –> I think you have succeeded on this. 🙂

    • Thank you Claire. Minsan pag tipid mode instead of going out we invite fellow travelers into our home.

  3. […] Traveler on Foot, Glenn, tells us a very different side of the story of his favorite room, which is not-coincidentally, his own room in his own home. He shows us how all his travels come home with him in bits and pieces, slowly but surely completing a house that is more than just a place to sleep in, but the actualization of all his previous travels and friendships. One can travel the whole world and still long for the comfort and memories of one’s own bedroom. See how all of his travel memories congregate in his humble abode. […]

  4. very nice and homey! when kami puedeng mag staycation? hahhaa

    • You’re welcome to drop by Mhe-anne. We’ll take you to Wawa Dam or Avilon Zoo.

  5. ang ganda ng house mo, TOF. I like that stylized something above the window in your sala.

    • Andre those calados I got somewhere from a demolished old house in Pila. Ang dami nun. Agawan kaya anim lang nakuha ko.

  6. Wow! Awesome!!! I love how imagination, creativity and plain wanderlust just seems to abound there!

  7. Nakaka enjoy basahin. Sana once mag gawa din ang group niyo ng group tour sa southern luzon para makapag join din.

  8. Hi. I found this to be very refreshing and stimulating. Your home is very interesting and, and yes, I must admit this is my kind of place. Something nostalgic and well, intellectual. By the way, its nice to see Mr. Lou Veloso. To think that we were neighbors once, (although he is not aware of it) because I grew up in Sta. Ana, in Medel street, while he resides in Kasarinlan. Thanks for this blog, its not like the usual mishmash that we find in other sites. Hope to see more of the kind. Best regards.

    • Thank you Mr. Ruben. It’s not really practical to have a vacation home at this time and age. So I made attampts to tranform our home into a vacation home that we can come home everyday.

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