Art in the Park


CELEBRATE ART. Anyone should be able to own art. But prices of artworks nowadays are too prohibitive for common folks like me. The Art in the Park event organized by the Museum Foundation of the Philippines solves the challenge of making art by Filipino artists ‘affordable’ and reachable in a venue where there is a great amount of access.

Jaime Velasquez Park in Salcedo Village Makati is popular for its weekend market. But once a year, the regular food vendors give way to a gathering of selected art galleries and art groups for this annual celebration of Pinoy art.




ART WHERE IT BELONGS. Blending together with the lush greenery were large scale sculptural installations that transformed Salcedo Park as an exhibition of contemporary art.  Each sculptural installation was creatively placed in the flower beds along the walkway or were hanged or coiled on tree branches.

Greeting spectators is the happy-looking sculptural painting by Dex Fernandez. In the central walkway, we passed under Mac Valdezco whimsical plastic sculpture. Then there is the installation by Pete Jimenez that invites spectators to interact with his assemblage of found metal objects.



ART FOR SALE. Off course, the happiness is in seeing the enormous array of artworks on sale. Browsing at the original paintings, prints, pottery, sculptures, collectible toys, jewelry, wearable and useful art showcased in each booth has been an exciting learning experience.

In the process of looking at the works of young artists alongside with some of the established names in Philippine art, we are learning more about the current art scene. Events like this provide an opportunity to prepare and educate new generation of collectors who will perhaps together with our young, emerging artists be the key players of our future local art industry.



FOOD FOR THE SENSES. We also enjoyed most of the side activities. We watched Neil Arvin Javier performed his on-the-spot graffiti mural by the playground and the fishballs and fruit drinks at the food strip. Talk about multi-sensory impact!



EPILOGUE: FRIENDLY AND RELAXED.  To be immersed in trove of art is overwhelming. But given the relax atmosphere, we find it easy to ask about the art pieces that interest us and find out more about artists by casually conversing with artist Kidlat Tahimik, Charlie Co, and Ral Arrogante and the friendliest gallery owners like Albert Avellana and Dr. Joven Cuanang at the 2013 edition of Art in the Park.


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  1. Hi, I’m Jenn. I’m a freelance researcher working on a documentary project for National Geographic Channel Philippines. I’m currently looking for a photo of a Sto. Nino wearing a basketball jersey. In the course of my research, I stumbled upon your blog and saw some photos you took in San Mateo, Rizal. I’d like to ask, in one of your photos in this blogpost was it a Sto. Nino wearing a yellow basketball jersey? I’m attaching the link of the post here:

    If so, I’d like to ask permission if I can borrow the said photo. We’ll be including it the docu that we’re working on. Kindly advise me if that is all right with you.

    Please email me through:

  2. Help me understand that painting the guy in black sando was working on? 🙂 some art, man, I don’t get

  3. is this just for one weekend? i hope a lot of people were able to attend the event and enjoy the creative talents of our kababayans. hoping for more activities like this one in order to inculcate love for the arts for our youth (instead of iPAD games addiction, sorry for this comment, i can’t contain myself) and a venue for our artists to show off their gifts. thank you for sharing your experience 🙂 — APRIL

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