TOF Interviews (series 1)

In our travels and doing researches for Traveler on Foot, we are fortunate to meet people who are willing to answer our questions about anything that interest us on local travel, history, Philippine collectibles, and Filipino art and heritage. Getting first hand information from people who are phenomenally successful in their commitments and contributions in promoting our local heritage is most important for us.

Call it serendipity. So far, the interviews we featured in Traveler on Foot tell stories about successes, trials, failures, frustrations, beliefs, and hopes. Generally, the stories they shared are about the achievements and their contributions in preserving and promoting our heritage. Here are the first five of our memorable interviews:

TINA DECAL. As travelers, it is very likely to bump into someone like Tina Decal of Kulinarya Talaga. Tina designed a food trip that would bring people to her hometown in Quezon Province. When we asked for her advice for those who want to promote their own town or province as a tourist destination, Tina has this to say; First, know your city or province and love it for what it is! It is hard to sell something you do not know and you do not love! More about our interview with Tina Decal.

AMBETH OCAMPO. In learning about a city or province or town or our country, we first know about its history. In our researches, the name Ambeth Ocampo will surely surface. Reading the books and historical essays of our country’s most accessible and popular historian has influenced us to incorporate dashes of history into our online travel journal. Same as with Ambeth, we also would like to share our interest and enthusiasm for Filipino heritage by making it relevant to our regular and accidental viewers. Here’s our interview with Ambeth Ocampo.

CELSO PEPITO. As they say it, art and travel are inseparable. When traveling, we would surely make a stopover when we see an eye-catching artwork. This was the case when we saw a painting of Celso Pepito in Cebu. In our interview with the Celso Pepito, he openly shared his life stories, history of his artwork, his beliefs, values, lessons learned and inspirations. That interview made me realized that it’s not just the artist’s educational background, skills or talent or awards received that counts, it’s their experiences and personal stories that allowed or pushed them into creating works of art that matters. Here’s our interview with Celso Pepito.

CARINA GUEVARRA-GALANG. Traveling around the country led us from one interest to another. Appreciating art is one. The most meaningful and practical advice about art we got from art collector and gallery owner Carina Guevarra-Galang. She said that when choosing artworks “Trust your instincts. Also expose yourself as much as possible to ALL forms of art. And you can start form there. Attend exhibits, read books and articles, and really only buy pieces that move you. It’s very exciting to see where your taste will go. Collecting kasi, theres a learning curve and it’s a very very high learning curve. And it’s nice to see how you mature as time passes. More about our interview with Carina Guevarra-Galang.

MANNY INUMERABLE. Vintage camera collector Manny Inumerable, has this to say about being a collector, a collection, to be meaningful should be shared to other people this is the reason why he put up Galleria Taal in an ancestral house he has painstakingly restored to house his extensive collection of rare vintage cameras. A first of its kind in the country, this museum is set in the heritage town of Taal. Here’s our interview with Manny Inumerable.

So there, five interviews with the most interesting insights and stories. There is more to learn from our country’s achievers and heritage champions. It’s our goal to interview them all and share everything we’ve learned from them.


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