We recently walked into the Nemiranda Arthouse to meet for the first time the artist who has been instrumental in making Angono a household name in Philippine Art. Nemesio Miranda Jr., popularly known in the art circle as Nemiranda, is a highly figurative artist who stands out in the dynamics of realism.

One does not need to be an art critic to appreciate Nemiranda’s works. A common person can be impressed by his mural at the EDSA Shrine, the 20 relief sculpture of the Mysteries of the Holy Rosary along the road to Antipolo Church, and monumental sculptures and stunningly beautiful paintings at his home-studio in Angono.

The same exciting feeling as with our visits to Angono a couple of years ago, we remain in awe at the larger than life sirena that arches above the entrance of the art gallery.

This glaring sculptural monument is repeated at the Nemiranda Arthouse in Doña Justa Subdivision and at the defunct Nemiranda Café located along Angono’s main highway.

In the language of the paintings and sculptures we saw in the Nemiranda Arthouse it tells a fascinating story of Angono’s mystic charm and our country’s timeless legends and traditions seen through the eyes of Nemiranda, the storyteller.

But for us, nothing can be more engaging than having to learn about Nemiranda’s journey as an artist and his views about Philippine art but from the artist himself.

A graduate of Fine Arts at the University of Santo Tomas, Nemiranda has worked for years, partnering with architects to do monumental sculptures and mural paintings capturing scene depicting local folklore and Filipiniana themes and forms. This projects enabled him to support his family at the same time pursue his art.   

As a painter, he is a master of imaginative figurism or drawing the human form from pure imagination. A veteran of numerous art exhibits, locally and abroad, his favorite subjects are women in mythical characters and families in pastoral scenes.

As a member of his community, Nemiranda has contributed in promoting Angono’s rich heritage such as the Higantes Festival and fluvial procession dedicated to Angono’s patron saint, San Clemente.

Putting up the Nemiranda Arthouse is part of his mission in nurturing the artistic consciousness not just for the people in Angono but for all Filipinos as well.  For years, the arthouse has begun workshops and events designed to inspire the youth who by talking to the artist and watching Nemiranda go through the creative process, might see how an idea can grow into a finished work of art.

Sharing his painting techniques and allowing people to watch him work is never a problem with Nemiranda. For him, no one can duplicate an artist’s work. In fact, an artist must teach those who have the talent and inspire them to create works of art.


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  1. Is the place open on Holy Thursday?

  2. Hi! Thank you for writing about him.. i would like to see this. Where is it exactly. How do you get there coming from Marcos Highway?

  3. Do you paint too, Glenn?

    • Hay naku Pepe. I tried but not happy with my work. Maybe it’s because of my exposure to the art that I developed a standard on what is pasado for my taste. hahaha. But you know I learned something from Nemiranda. Sabi niya continue with your work and practice… It will never be too late to be a painter.

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