Filipino Handicrafts under the Bridge in Quiapo

FILIPINO HANDICRAFTS. Last year, we decided to decorate our Christmas tree with small baskets, miniature brooms, sepak takrao balls, wooden wind chimes, bulol idols, stars made from translucent capiz and other similar objects available in handicraft stores under Quezon Bridge.

ILALIM NG TULAY. Honey-combed under this steel and concrete bridge are stores filled from floor to ceiling with local crafts made from indigenous materials. These handicrafts were sourced from various tribal and cultural communities throughout the country.

TRADITIONAL HANDICRAFTS. Our country has a long tradition of producing handicrafts made from natural materials. Blessed with rich natural resources, people from the different cultural communities discovered how to fashion useful and beautiful things out of wood, bamboo, rattan, abaca, coconut shells, capiz, shells, and object abundant in nature.

Skills in basket weaving, wood carving, shells craft, and the technology in using different hand tools to create local crafts were developed and passed on to different generations.

PRACTICAL SOUVENIRS. In Filipino homes, local handicrafts are both functional and decorative. We use the versatile walis ting-ting to sweep away the dried leaves from our garden. We prefer to use baskets that come in different sizes, shapes, and color in holding fruits and root crops than placing them in plastic food containers.

WORLD-CLASS. The Philippines is one of the world’s leading producers of handicrafts. Locally hand-made crafts are admired world-wide for their versatility, beauty and quality.

To meet the demand of modern living, makers of handicrafts fashioned them into functional and practical items like lamp shades, picture frames, paper weights, key chains. They are also use as souvenirs for weddings and corporate give-away.

SAVES OUR HERITAGE. Patronizing local handicraft encourages tribal and cultural communities to produce more. In that way we preserve and promote our cultural heritage.

EPILOGUE. To get hold of these beautiful and exquisite local craft, the handicraft store under the bridge in Quiapo is the place to be.


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  1. This Butch Cuevas again.I forgot to mention that I will be needing about 49 pcs of baskets which I described in my earlier post.
    will wait for your feedback.

  2. I am interested in buying a native basket for xmas goodies. I prefer an oval shape basket with handle, and can accommodate items worth 2k pesos to 3k pesos,

  3. Good morning po. Meron po kayo Coconut necklace?

  4. can i have a Contact number atleast 3 supplier of Capiz Chandelier?

    • I highly recommend JUMBO PACIFIC INC. as the best supplier for Capiz Chandeliers. I used to order from them a while ago. and I super love it. They are the biggest Philippine made products manufacturer based in Cebu, Philippines.

  5. Veri cool handicrafts.

  6. Gumagawa kami ng bamboo products like wallets,pouch,keychains n coinpurse ,,ask ko lang baka need nio ng supplier,,la union kami 09396332826 number ko

  7. good day , pano ko po makuntak ang supplier nang mga native product na ito? yung pinaka mura nang supplier sa divisoria.

  8. hi. ask ko lang po kung magkano ang sungka.thanks

  9. may tinda ba kayong capiz garland? please reply

  10. very very nice. i wonder, do we still have sungka players around? its a nice game, but sadly, i have not seen any kid play nowadays.

  11. what’s the price range of the handicrafts they’re selling? 🙂

  12. meron ba kayong souvenier na maliit lng yun hindi mbgat at yung me pngalan na philippine…?pls…reply asap….

    • meron po sapatos keychain pokip in touch 09329794850

  13. I am looking for magnetic picture frames made of either bamboo, abaca or buri. Any suggestions please? Thank you.

  14. Thus handicrafts gives causes and effect to our country? why?

  15. meron bang wooden tricycle dito?

  16. Meron bang long-stemmed sinamay roses of different colors doon sa quiapo ilalim?

  17. ang ganda nito sayang iba ang nalagay ko sa praject ko

  18. Which shop is carrying the biggest collection of goods in Manila?

  19. pwede ba mag pacustomized jan ng figurine

  20. hi please send me lower price of your item a handucraft ill be using it as a souvenirs.. here my contct num 09303830923

  21. This is one of my favorite places to see in Quiapo. I pass by it often, and I always feel like I’m not in Manila but rather souvenir hunting in some other parts of the country. 🙂

    • Likewise Kat. This is one place you can resonably priced export-quality Filipino handicrafts. Off course haggling is a common practice here. ang saya di ba?

  22. cool! i would be dropping by there some time… thanks for sharing this… =D

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