Traveler on Foot Year 3

We ought to thank the people who became part of this travel blog. This group consists of  artists, heritage advocates, and fellow bloggers whose works we have always admired and feedback we have always sought. Over the years, they have generously shared their time, knowledge, and resources that inspired and allowed us to post articles for Traveler on Foot.

We are grateful to Ivan Dy of Old Manila Walks for inviting us to join his walking tours. In one of our meetings, he donated some books from his Filipiniana collection as his contribution to our restoration efforts.

Arnold Arnaiz, the writer behind With One’s Past, took time to visit us in San Mateo Rizal after finding out that we’ve been affected by a great flood in 2009. He became our virtual tour guide while spending wonderful months in Cebu.

Pepe Alas, another talented writer, whose thought-provoking articles in eFilipino Scribbles, made me realize how great we are as Filipinos. Pepe has always said kind and encouraging words about our blog. I personally met Arnold and Pepe during a book signing event.

Since the time I’ve accidentally bumped into veteran blogger Sidney Snoek of My Sari Sari Store while taking pictures of a Holy Week procession, he has been constantly in touch, generously sharing his personal contacts and resources about travel.

Another experienced traveler blogger we’ve met is someone who calls himself Tutubi. We’ve met him during last year’s Caracol Festival in Makati. Since I started blogging I followed his leads in Backpacking in the Philippines.

Tutubi is from Paete, a town that has become our favorite destination not only for the arts and crafts but also for the friendships that developed between us and the town’s homegrown talents. My tukayo, artist Glenn Cagandahan who together with his sister Odette are always ready to accommodate us in their home whenever we are in Paete. Whenever we drop by Ukit Kinale, Ben Dailo stops whatever his working on to welcome us. Joseph Bañes whose paintings tell stories about Paete, invited us in the opening of Islaw Art Gallery last year. He has been a constant Yahoo chat mate.

Close to home, Carina Guevarra’s Art 19B is warm and cozy. I go there when I am depressed. It’s easy to see why -its art collection has festive themes and its owner has become one of our closes friends. She is always generous in sharing her time and ideas about the other thing that interest us -art. And also no matter how busy the day, wherever we visit the gallery, Vida and Mavic, the gallery’s keepers are always available for a chat.

Off course, we are grateful to our followers who kept us inspired in sharing our travel journal. Thank you for traveling with us.

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  1. Dear Mr. Traveler,

    Thank you for mentioning me. It’s a very great honor to be mentioned by the country/s most credible travel blog around (no flattery intended; it is my honest opinion). =)

    But it’s Filipino eScribbles, not eFilipino Scribbles, LOL! Sorry for my blog’s corny sounding name; even my wife doesn’t like it, hehe (she prefers to strike out the “e” from “Scribbles”)!

    Congratulations on your third year anniversary. And may you continue to guide wanderers and tourists all over our beautiful country for a long, long time!

    Hasta luego!

    Pepe Alas

    • Thanks again for the kind words Pepe.

  2. Thank you for including me in your list ! It is a honor to be mention side by side with all those other great bloggers ! Thank you ! 🙂

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