Dolljoy Museum and Gallery

DOLL MUSEUM. In the old quarter of Mallorca, Spain, there is a doll museum. Its collection of about 500 dolls from Italy, France, United Kingdom, and Germany belong to the years between 1840 to 1940, a period known as the golden century for dolls. Seeing the oldest known toy in the world made from ceramic, wood, terracotta, cloth and even wax tells us about the craftsmanship and cultural lifestyle of the times in Europe.

DOLLJOY. In Pasig City, we have Dolljoy, a store-front operation where dolls and stuffed toys are manufactured for domestic sale and for export. Its owner put up the Dolljoy Museum and Gallery within the sprawling doll factory to exhibit a vast collection of toys, mostly dolls.

DOLL COLLECTION. To warm us up for the tour, we were invited into the auditorium to watch a cartoon about the Three Little Pigs. Off course, the presentation is meant for the children who came to visit the doll museum as part of their educational field trip.

Just outside the auditorium is a wall length of dolls grouped according to theme. Interesting pieces were the dolls wearing school uniforms. We later learned that Dolljoy designs dolls wearing the school uniform of students who came to visit the museum. More of these dolls in school uniform are displayed in another gallery.

ASSEMBLY LINE. We were then led to the another building where we were shown an assembly line for dolls. Like Santa’s elves, each worker is assigned to a specific process in doll making. From the sewing of the hair to coloring of the dolls, each identical piece is handmade.

ACTION FIGURES. Joaquin has been thinking that the tour is for his girl classmates because of the girly stuff he seen so far. But Dolljoy also manufactures action figures like Voltes V, Power Rangers, Starwars, and toys which we thought were all made in China.

PRECIOUS MOMENT COLLECTION. In same building are more galleries including one for the owner’s Precious Moment collection. We’ve learned that Dolljoy is a licensed manufacturer of this expensive kind of doll. As of our last checking, a simple Precious Moment doll costs somewhere around $500. Converting that amount to our local monetary unit based from the current exchange rate, that’s about twenty two thousand pesos.

What we found fascinating was that many of the exhibits are aimed to introduce visitors to different cultures such as in the gallery that shows dolls wearing traditional costume from around the world. The Filipiniana section of this gallery exhibits dolls in different national costumes, including a limited stock Cory Aquino doll.

EPILOGUE. For those who want to take home a souvenir after the tour, there is a well-stocked DollShoppe that sells all kinds of dolls except for that one kind that comes to life and utters Namamasko po.

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  1. Hi. My daughter will be having a field trip there this thursday. Is the st paul doll available? Mulberry preschool boys? How much. Thanks

  2. Hi. Hw much po yung doll in school uniform? 50 pcs lng sana. La Consolacion School (high school)

    • How much po yung doll in school uniform?

  3. where will i contact you because i need to buy filipiniana doll… tnx

  4. Is this still open & where are you in Palma?

    Thank you

  5. what is the cost of each doll

  6. can i ask if you have a Pedro Calungsod version of doll?

  7. hi may i ask if rooting of the hair can be done on nylex cloth or on plastic matreial only. thanks/ we will visit your fACTORY SOON

  8. im a parent from mary child academy, my son will have thier field trip on your place on sept,18, he have a collection of power ranger but now he is interested on buying Voltes V en power ranger as well, can i ask the price of both, just in case he wants to buy. thanks!

  9. Hi. good afternoon. I would like to ask if where can we send an email re: letter for allowing ask to have an educational tour. Thanks

  10. hi ! Im Gladys Mardo , I just would like to ask permission, I would like to copy one of the pictures here to be attached on our clients tarpaulin they will be conducting a educational tour on Doll Joy Museum.

    Thank You

  11. this place is nice. ill cone back soon XD

  12. I love dolls po,pwd po b walk mu pu entrnce.pls reply.plsg

  13. Hi!!!! How can we buy the dolls? meron na ba yan sa ibang mga stores? pano kun walk in lang sa factory pwde po ba un?

  14. Been there yesterday and it was such a WOW place! Sobrang creative! I recommend this to all who are still young at heart 🙂 Nag enjoy ako kahit 20 years old na ko, HAHA.

  15. hi we are going there on november 8 we are from st.anthony school

  16. Ganda po Sa Dolljoy.. Dito po kami ngfieldtrip nung October 20,2011…

    Ansaya Supeerrrr enjoy po kami.. tsaka po I really like Dolls!! =)) actually po parang Collection ko na po yun.. =) Hoping na bumalik po ulit kami sa Dolljoy this next Fieldtrip =)

  17. how much ang entrance fee?balak ksi dyan magfieldtrip ng mga students from pasig manggahan..thanks

  18. Hi! i just want to know how much is the entrance fee… for kids and adult, and store hours.. cuz i want to visit w/ my kids.. tnx.

  19. hi,, can i buy some of dolls if i visit your area? cause that is my collection..

  20. Hi TOF, Wow– Who knew that such a place existed in Pasig City! It looks like a fun place to work, where someone could handmake a doll that would give a lot of joy to someone.. Seems like a place that Santa’s elves would admire! Cute post!

    • Hello queeniebee, trip to Dolljoy in Pasig has been a fun experience, especially seeing the curious and excited children while on their school field trip.

  21. Wow! I live in Pasig and I didn’t know about this. I love the one in St. Paul College uniform (with a nun beside it of course); I went to SPC Pasig. Will definitely have to find and visit this. 🙂 Thanks so much!

    • It’s located in Caniogan Pasig Claire. however, I can’t recall the roads to take going there. I suggest you give them a call first.

    • It’s located at C. Raymundo St. Caniogan Pasig Claire. however, I can’t recall the roads to take going there. I suggest you give them a call before your visit for more details : 671.00.10 / 986.88.25.

      • C. Raymundo is a loooong road. 🙂 But it’s near my home. Thanks for sharing the contact info, will call them.

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