Bernard Vista’s Art Space and Cafe

While food nourishes the body, art feeds the senses. In the rustic town of Pakil, we experienced  this perfect combination of good food and great art at Vista’s Art Space and Café. Located right at the smack of San Pedro de Alcantara Church, the quaint café serves mouthwatering rice toppings, sandwiches, and pasta.

It was during the 2009 Turumba sa Birhen when we first met café owner and artist Bernard Vista. We learned from Bernard that he has dedicated the art space as a venue where the artists of Pakil can display their works. Among the artworks displayed are by Rapsing, Tiglao, and Vista.

We like the rural and folksy theme of Vista’s paintings which highlight the Filipino values for hard work and simplicity in life like the fisher folks and man playing the guitar. The human figures in all his paintings as Vista explained always give reverence to the Almighty, hence heads bowed.


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  1. I would like to inquire how can I buy one of
    your painting Mr. Vitas? I am hoping to hear from you sir. God bless and thank you.

    Don Mong

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