Bahay na Pula of San Ildefonso Bulacan

On our way to San Miguel de Mayumo, we spotted an elegant house along the national highway. It looked eerie and uninhabited but the entire structure still bears grandness evoking the hacienda lifestyle of the 19th century landlord.

Infamously known as the Bahay na Pula, the Ilusorio Mansion, is one of those houses taken by the Japanese Army. It was used as a garrison where Japanese soldiers reputedly massacred guerilla soldiers and rape the women of Bulacan.

The carnage that took place in the house during the Japanese occupation has inspired tales about restless souls seeking justice and revenge. One of the chilling stories is said to occur on nights when the wind soughs under the starless sky. The locals say they would hear screams and cries for help from the abandoned house. 

What stories do you know about the haunted Bahay na Pula of San Ildefonso Bulacan?


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  1. Sad to say people as of today Bahay na Pula is now naked! as in its windows are stolen some antiques and others items are looted away.

  2. its literally red and the house was called red because the house was filled with the blood of those comfort ladies!! it is really amazing, ’cause it’s century old! part of it is the dark and brutal history of the house!

  3. Can someone tell me how to be able to stay there overnight? Thank you

  4. For the information of everyone, this is the house where comfort women were raped, harassed, and mistreated.

  5. The right edge, second floor of the 3rd picture, i think there is something there. I don’t know if
    It is only a reflection but what i see is looks likes someone stand there dress in white, and when i zoom the picture there is a skull but only the left hole eye.

  6. When we were going to San Miguel,Bulacan, my Dad’s friend told us not to say anything about the red house once we pass it, when we were passing this red house, we were just looking and a creepy atmosphere breaks in. My dad’s friend told us that they once passed the red house and his friend pointed that house,and their car’s wheel just exploded. And he also reminds us,when we pass that red house in the middle of the night, you should beep 3 times,because a white lady shows up.

  7. i also been there at bahay na pula on our way home from san rafael but like other i cant enter there.. it looks sa elegant that seems there is no ghost live there., actually i dont have a feeling that there is terryfing story about that because of its physical appearance

    • I agree laydee that the Illusorio mansion is elegant and evokes an era of class and sophistication.

  8. i live in Malolos Bulacan, when in1996 i had a flat tire in front of this house during the most unholy hour in the morning… yeah, i heard those cries… but what frightened me most was that monster of a goat who came near me… it almost took the living daylights out of me… but just the same, i summoned enough courage to change that flat tire…looking back, it seems almost an eternity doing that tire change…. but what really freaks me out was that it was a new car ( a civic vti) and that i had a thousand in one chance of flatting it out, plus a million or even a billion chance of me stopping right smack in front of that house at two in the morning…. sometimes, truth seems scarier than fiction… and yes, Bulakenyo ako at matatas managalog… akin lamang tinuran ang mga nasabing pangyayari sa wikang Ingles upang hindi magulimihanan ang mga nagbabasa na hindi bihasa sa salitang Tagalog…

  9. We had our Educational Tour. I don’t know if I’m suppose to say “Luckily” but we entered the house. Like, literally! It’s so creepy! There we’re no furnitures.. Wooh. That was an experience I would never forget. *SHARE

    • Hi, I have some question to be asked regarding Pulang Bahay. Is there anyway I could reach you out? Thankyou.

  10. I’m interested to know the former & present owners of the red house and who did its restoration. It’s good somebody had it restored and I hope the interior parts were also put back so it would be a great tourist attraction.

  11. I actually live in San Ildefonso. Legnds will always remain legend about the ghosts.I know a friend who celebrated her debut at Bahay na Pula.

  12. cute ng bahay pero dami daw nag mumulto dyan eh

  13. ohHhHH!!!!
    i really lyk this house!!!
    its really red..i want to go inside it,,but we are not allowed by our facilitator to go out of the bus…it seems scary!!!!

  14. It does look eerie. It looks like the red version of of Baguio’s Laperal White House 😀

    • There are several houses in Baguio that are claimed to be haunted. We’ll post old in Baguio soon. Thanks for visiting Ferdz!

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