Argao’s Torta

The food most associated with Argao in Cebu is the Torta. The recipe for the torta is known to almost all families in Argao but Chitang’s Torta sells all year round in singles and boxes. So we headed to their branch near the poblacion. 

The ingredients of the torta are similar to a cupcake recipe except for the lina or early morning tuba and lard extracted from the preparation of the humba (another culinary specialty in Argao) which are mixed into the batter.

The flavor is enhanced when cooked in a hudno using coconut husks as charcoal. A hudno is an improvised oven where the top and bottom of the batter mold are heated similar to how a Christmas bibingka is baked. 

Like a fruitcake, the torta tastes best when it’s allowed to stay in the shelf longer as indicated in sides of the box of Chitang’s Torta: MAGKABAHAW, MAGKALAMI, which translates, the longer it lasts, the tastier it gets.

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  1. Yeahh.., im happy to hear that especially im an argawanon!

  2. I’m an argawanon… and im so happy for you guys appreciating our specialty which is the torta… it really helps to promote Argao.. great thanks ^_^

  3. Can somebody inform me where in Cebu City I can buy an authentic Argao torta?

    • Its better if you should visit argao.. because there are times people just sell tortas and telling its from argao even it is not true..

  4. When I go to Argao, I always get Torta and Tableya

  5. Hi can someone please let me know the shelf-life of torta? I got a dozen from a friend and i don’t know til how long this will last.

    • It takes couple of weeks sir…. the longer you store the tortas, the greater it taste. ^_^

  6. Hi! I am a fan of Argao’s torta and if you would like to taste the best torta, you visit Jessie’s place where they will offer you a very delicious torta fresh from “hudnohan”, a native oven.I don’t think Chitang’s is still using the native oven anymore. I keep on buying Jessie’s torta because it’s not commercialized. They might not have impressive packaging but what matters the most is the taste.I admire the admin who advertises the torta of Argao but do not try deceive people with that oven model that is totally new and not really been used. I’ve seen the hudnohan of Jessie and it’s very black like it’s been used for years now.

    • You should try and visit chitang’s torta…they are still using the traditional way which is baking it from the “hudnohan”.I’ve been buying there since time, and it still tastes really great!

    • i have been at chitang’s torta a _th times, i assure you, they still do it the traditional way.and it taste really good!

  7. It’s sad to say that chitangs torta doesn’t taste the real torta anymore, it’s so commercialized, i just came home and so dismay of the very famous chitangs torta, they changed many things, the process the ingridents…if your pure argawanon and left the town for so long, you still can distinguished the real and fake…and for me chitangs torta is not the real torta. the presentation is nice but the taste…poor

    • taste the real deal and look for Ipang’s house during fiesta. you’ll swear, it’s the best and still is the original.

    • been in the states for 20 yrs.and a pure argaonon.keep on coming back for chitang’s torta.

    • i have been in the united states for 22 yrs. keep on coming back at chitang’s torta for more. tastes great.

  8. i love argao’s torta!

  9. I Love it so much Argao’s Torta is the best Torta I’ve ever taste in my Life, Chetang’s Torta must taste Also So you must go to Argao surely its a place full of memories.

    • the best torta is that made by the grand dame of argao, Epang. the torta is her fruit of hard labor and cannot be found in stores. she makes it only once a year, during argao’s fiesta.

      • Will be alex when we get back to argao.

  10. Argao is Cebu’s closest point to Bohol. You’ll be in Loon in less than 2 hours 🙂 its the cheapest and the fastest. I never got to taste this delicacy. Argao is a memorable place.

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