Books from Ivan Dy

After I’ve posted the article Books Are Fragile where we expressed pain over the Filipiniana books we lost when tropical storm Ondoy inundated our San Mateo home, we’ve received genuine words of encouragement from friends and fellow bloggers to start rebuilding our collection. One was from celebrity tour guide Ivan Dy of Old Manila Walks who sent me the following email: 

Hi Glenn,  
Happy New Year! I have walked by your blog (TOF) from time to time and I remember you also joined the Malacanang tour with your family years ago. I read about what happened to your house (and books) in San Mateo and send my deepest condolences to to you what have lost. I saw your artworks and books (some of them out of print ones which I would love to have) and I know it will take some time to rebuild it again. As such, I would like to donate to you some books so that you may, even in a little way, regain what Im sure took you years to collect. I myself am a book collector and will probably feel as bad as you do with the lost of these things. When are you traveling again to Manila? I can just hand them over to you on your next trip here.  Do keep me posted.

Step by step,
Ivan Man Dy

When we came back home from Cebu, I’ve texted Ivan to schedule our meeting. We met at Plaza Calderon dela Barca in Binondo where he handed over the books from his personal collection and invited us to join the Big Binondo Food Wok


This means a lot for us Ivan. Thank you for your contribution to our rebuilding efforts.


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  1. That’s so nice of Ivan. =)

  2. I would love to have a copy of the great churches. What a wonderful token.

  3. I mourn your loss but I’m glad to hear that Ivan’s extending a hand to rebuild your collection. Very interesting titles there.

    • We very thankful for Ivan lagalog.

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