Luis Ac-ac

Since the first time we saw the amazing works of Luis Ac-ac in his workshop, we immediately had the passion of owning his art.

“Art imitating life, life imitating art” is the best way to describe the works of artist Luisito Ac-ac. Children playing traditional games, hardworking rural families at work, idealized image of local heroes, familiar tableaus taken from native folklore and old Manila characters in refine pose are just some of his sculptures that inspire emulation.

Known for his dexterity and talent, his prized works have been included in the collections of famous art collectors and his approach in art has been respected by both local and international art communities. 

Growing up in the woodcarving town of Paete in Laguna, Mang Luis has been living in an artistic milieu since he was a child. He started creating his obras at the age of 11 using a set of chisels owned by master carver Tandang Nano Madrigal.

As a UP Fine Art student, he took a job as an illustrator in a printing press then as an apprentice of National Artist Napoleon Abueva. After earning his degree, the young Luis devoted full time to sculpture, setting up his studio in his hometown.

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  1. Good day! Would you know Sir Luis Ac-ac’s contact number? The previous page and website posted are no longer available. Would appreciate your response. Thank you!

  2. You can find his contact on this website:

  3. Im very impressed! I would to know where your shop is in Philippines.Thanks!

  4. 09064324897 – Luis Ac-ac

  5. Good Day Sir. Can you pls pm me also Luis Ac-Ac’s contact number? Thanks

  6. Good day. Do you know any contact details of Mr. Luis Ac-Ac? email or cell #? can u pls pm me.

  7. i’mplanning to buy the stations of the cross perhaps the size of a short bond paper. how much will it cost

  8. Where can i locate of contact this him please?

  9. In this age of computer aided design and fabrication, one thing that can never go out of style is hand-crafting. I hope Luis rubs off his craftmanship onto the next generation.

    Let me take this opportunity to greet a blessed Christmas.

    • Merry Christmas Lagalog!

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