Books are Fragile

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It has been two months after the horrific storm Ondoy inundated our San Mateo home. Like in every disaster, damages to properties are immediately realized. As a bibliophile, I grieve the loss of books, prints and photographs. They have been the very reason why I found a new interest in Philippine history and culture.

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“Books are fragile” says Carina Guevarra of Art19b Gallery. She is one of the people who grieved with us after learning how Ondoy damaged our collection and art collections of people she knew. These books could have been our heirloom to our son I told her.

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Fellow blogger and Filipino history and cultural advocate Arnold A. of With One’s Past visited us in San Mateo only to feel sorry for the out-of-print Filipiniana that we tried to salvage. A few can be restored by patiently turning them page by page and drying them out. Unfortunately, the hardened mud that covered majority of the books made it hopeless.

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We had already moved on and made efforts to forget that unfortunate day. Today, we celebrate to whatever is left but we lament for what can never be replaced.

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  1. hello again. this is somehow connected to my earlier post re: suggestion to tour the Supreme Court building. Do visit the La Solidaridad bookstore which is also along Padre Faura – in front the PAL building. You can find Filipiniana books that will rebuild your collection. Who knows, you might run into the owner – the national artist F. Sionil Jose. cheers!

    • I dropped by Solidaridad two weeks ago Andre and did not bring my camera. Guess what, F. Sionil Jose passed by in front of me. Next time. dalin ko talaga dapat lagi camera ko. -Glenn

      • ako rin ganyan nangyari. I was too star-struck to react ha ha

  2. sayang mga books 😦

  3. Oh…that is sad… I am also a book lover and can easily understand your pain.
    But as Pepe says… rebuild another collection…one book at a time…

    • Thank you Sidney. Yes. we are rebuilding another library slowly.

  4. Damn, I might die if this ever happens to me.

    You can rebuild another library. One book at a time, my friend. One book at a time.

  5. I’m so sorry to read about the loss of your precious books. The loss of any loved book is terrible, especially ones as valuable as these were to you and your family. The continued love and interest in your culture will be the gift you give to your son.
    I’ve just found your site and find it so very interesting. Thank you for sharing so much of your country insights with others.

  6. i’m saddened with the condition of your collection. i’m sure that you’ve painstakingly labored to build it only to be damaged by Ondoy. i myself am building my own and really, some books, especially the out of print ones are too hard to find.

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