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Intramuros, the Old Walled City of Manila, which my favorite National Artist, Nick Joaquin immortalized its former glory in the many essays, plays and books he wrote about life inside the ancient walls. 

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Joaquin described the time when the day dawns sa loob ng Maynila and the cobblestones echo with the clip-clop of horses’ hooves. The guardia civil opens the Parian gate and Chinese merchants throng its puerta to set up their stalls for the day. Students make their pensive way to the many universities within a walking distance from Fort Santiago, where the morning-shift guardia civil man the defenses. 


Not very long, the Governor-General will be passing in his carruaje through the Puerta Real on his way to the Palacio del Gobernador to attend his office while a friar paces meditatively a top a bridge way above Calle Real to San Agustin Church. 

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The rising sun lights up the elaborate façade of wealthy Spanish casas, with their capiz shell windows, heavily carved doors and solid piedra china flagstones. 

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Close to four hundred years, Intramuros was the Spanish medieval nucleus. It was the core of Philippine church and state until its cruel decimation when Americans and Japanese forces reduced the walls to shambles and the city to rubble during Liberation of Manila in 1945. 

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Today, I cannot count the number of visits I had in historic Intramuros. The pleasure of reminiscing those educational grade school field trips at Fort Santiago or the several memorable weddings we attended at San Agustin and annual visita iglesias we had which according to family tradition should always begin at the Manila Cathedral make me go back sa loob ng Maynila over and over. 

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It was a few years ago when I had my first walking tour of Intramuros. Just like the Amazing Race, our history professor listed down the “pit stops” within the Walled City. The instruction for this mandatory project was to take photos of these places, write a reflection about the tour and present the project in a fancy folder. After that whole day tour, Intramuros has become a curiosity.  

intramuros 8

Probably it’s the nostalgia of my youth or perhaps the history heard deep within  the ancient stones which I never gotten tired of listening again and again where I found inspiration to walk around Intramuros’ moss-covered adobe walls and travel back in time to its romantic glory over and over until this day.

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  1. HI! Very lovely photos.. Very informative blog! I am planning to bring my son here as part of his homeschooling activity for Philippine Studies… Do you have a contact number for INFORMATION regarding traveling here or can we just go there on our own?

    • Hi Aubrey, Intramuros is a tourist friendly destination. Just do a little research about the places you want to visit. Children usually appreciate Fort Santiago, Casa Manila, San Agustin Museum, and Bahay Tisoy. All of them are within walking distance. Enjoy.

  2. sooooooooo pretty… i wish i could walk on those pavement someday….. i really want to see intramuros..

  3. ¡Bienvenido de nuevo! Welcome back! Maligayang págbabalic! =)

    • Thank you Pepe.

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