San Mateo Flashfloods

Living in San Mateo Rizal for the last five years we’ve never imagined that we’ll ever experience in real life what most people see in movies and on the news – water and mud entering homes, furniture turned over by flashfloods rising more than 10 feet,  and people being swept off balance by gasping water that turned San Mateo’s main road into a raging river!  In less than an hour, our single-level home is submerged in water and mud.

Traveler on Foot will blog again soon.

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  1. hi loved your blog
    im from san mateo, flashfloods arent new in this place. accdg to my dad, ampid is from the tagalog word sampid, bec centuries ago a flashflood happened in san mateo area and most victims were found in the san mateo river or ‘na sampid ang mga katawan nila doon’
    but been living here for about 2 decades and i happen to have no flash flood experience, with ondoy as axcaption……

  2. sory to hear that… that was really a shocking calamity..

    by the way, can we exchange links?

    thanks a lot..
    hope to hear from u soon..

  3. There’s a reason for everything, mi amigo. Do you believe that? It’s not yet the end. You and your family are still alive. That is what’s important. God will always be with you.

  4. Up to now, I’m still thinking of a way to save what’s left of your Filipiniana collection. Damn those floods. =(

  5. So sorry to hear the flood inundated your lovely home! Hope you can salvage & clean your “treasures”. Stumbled on your blog & am enjoying it immensely esp since I’m from Laguna (Cabuyao). Your photos serve as a reminder that I need to go back & explore my own backyard! Hope you can start posting again soon!

  6. OMG… you were affected! I hope you and your family are safe!
    Take care… I hope it will soon be only a bad memory for you!

  7. i hope you and your family can recover. i know you will. i’m praying for you.

  8. I saw movies and on the news.sorrow to hear u.But they are safety.Thanks


  9. i’m really sorry to see what had happened to all you there in Metro Manila!!! And my prayers too for you, traveler and your family, that you soon recover from the floods of Ondoy. I recall San Mateo as a rustic and cozy place. That was in the 80’s pa!

  10. oh no! ang ganda pa naman ng bahay nyo. but i’m gald you’re all safe. sana di na maulit ito. take care!

  11. hey. glad u are safe. this has gotta be one of the worst calamities i have seen in my lifetime. sana di na maulit muli.

  12. sorry to hear you;re one of the casualty, hope you and your family are safe now

    • We’re safe and dry now pusa. Thank you.

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