TOF Home

TOF Home 1

All travels have been put on hold lately because of the rains. We are staying at home most of the time. One day we decided to display objects we’ve collected from our travels and ended up with a look and feel that reflects our fancy.  

We find pleasure in old Filipino bric-a-brac. We love paintings, sculptures and furniture made from old hardwood. In collecting art, we simply relied on instinct and we prefer to collect paintings and sculptures from local artists we’ve personally met.  


Collecting Art 

TOF Home 2

Artworks of local contemporary artists like Dominic Rubio, Glenn Cagandahan, Odette Cagandahan, Jovan Benito, Luis Ac-ac, and Otep Bañes as well as Traveler on Foot pictures we took shots at Casa San Pablo and in one of the Houses of History in Taal printed on Wooden Canvas find their space in walls and corners of our living room. 

TOF Home 3

Old Manila nostalgia extends to our dining room, where, under an old-fashioned oil lamp dinner unfolds around a table made of old Tanguile and Yakal wood. Our dining table was the first furniture we had as a couple. 

TOF Home 4


Viaje del Sol Inspiration 

TOF Home 5

Our garden is where we spend most of the time with our pet dog Crystal, a pair of cockatiel, some African lovebirds and the redtail catfish “Hito.” We achieved this kind of rustic and rural backyard feel from our Viaje del Sol

TOF Home 6

Most of the plants we got from Manila Seedlings Bank in Quezon City and some trips to Tagaytay. The “ang Nuno” of Angono guards our display of Burnay jars we got from our trip to Vigan . Souvenirs which we got from Ugu Bigyan, Kusina Salud, and during fiestas in Lucban and Pakil are also displayed in different parts of the mini-garden. 

TOF Home 7

We miss traveling. Soon we’ll be traveling again!

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  1. its more fun in the Philippines!

  2. A beautiful and lovely filipino home very nice! Ang ganda! i like your old Manila style.Great art collection thanks for sharing.

  3. i wish i could visit your lovely house , to meet you guys! and i see my paiting on your wall,i was happy bcuz,its paete hanging over there!! god bless , pls email me!thanks! otep banez

  4. Oh great! Thank you!:)

  5. wow! i love your house. where’d you get the huge sculpture of a filipina?

    • The Maria Clara sculpture is by Luis Ac-ac Paula.

  6. This is what Typhoon Ondoy destroyed?! Oh no…

  7. aw, traveller! these pictures are so precious! thank you so much for sharing your home with us! I consider it a very personal statement of your being a PINOY! Kudos!

    • Thank you for the kind words mbw.

  8. perhaps i should visit you at your home to see my works of art from my town and beyond 😛

  9. pwede bang dumalaw? 😀 ang galing. parang bawat item, may story.

  10. I love the Viaje del Sol feel of your garden. it’s so relaxing. It’s important to have a space in your home where you can just relax, read and put your feet up. 😀

  11. wow ang ganda naman ng bahay mo, inspired nga sa viaje 🙂

    • Salamat pusa.

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