Angeles Pampanga

Angeles 1

Angeles was formerly called Barrio Culiat, after the vines that grew abundantly in the area at the time when the first settlers founded the town is now the city’s old district. Spanish-period structures particularly along its oldest streets –Santo Rosario and Santo Entierro are preserved today as delicate reminders of events in Philippine history.     


Historic Camalig Restaurant

It was lunch time when we arrived in Angeles City. We went to the Camalig, a restored Spanish rice granary along Santo Rosario Street to sample Armando’s Pizza

Angeles 2

Built in 1840 by the town’s first mayor Don Ciriaco de Miranda primarily as a shed made of light materials, it was restored in the early 1900s to it present form by the post-colonial mayor Capitan Juan Nepomoceno

Angeles 3

The father of the current owner Armando’s Pizza, the late Armando Nepomoceno inherited the 150-year old building thus Historic Camalig Restaurant is also billed as “The Home of Armando’s Pizza.” 

Angeles 4

While waiting for our orders to be served, we toured the old Camalig to view its gallery of ancient photographs of early Angeles personages and exhibit of relics from a bygone Angeles town. Surrounded by rustic old-world Filipiniana, we enjoyed our Armando’s Pizza served warm in a traditional bilao.

Angeles 5

     Angeles 7


Miranda House 

Along Santo Rosario Street is the home of Don Angel Panteleon de Miranda and wife Doña Rosalia de Jesus. The couple led their followers from burgeoning city of San Fernando to settle in what is then a forested area they established as Culiat in 1796. By the end of the 19th century, Barrio Culiat has become a prosperous town. 

Angeles 8

In 1824, the couple built their house made of stone and wood. During the Philippine-American War 1899, the Miranda House served the headquarters of the retreating forces of the Revolutionary Government. 


Holy Rosary Parish

Angeles 9

In 1830, the Augustinians renamed Culiat to Angeles after the name of its founder who “paid from his own purse a part of the expenses of the construction of the church” and also as way of custom its patron: Los Santos Angeles Custodio, The Holy Guardian Angels. 

Angeles 10

The present Renaissance-style stone church was built through polos y servicios or forced labor under the Spanish government. It was completed in 1896 which at that time, the church is the tallest in the whole of Pampanga. The twin belfries where used as watchtowers by Filipinos during the Philippine-American War.   

Enshrined in the main altar is the image of the Nuestra Señora de Santissima Rosario de la Naval.  


Old Municipal Hall 

Angeles 11

Across the church is the old municipal hall. Constructed in 1922 during the term of Mayor Juan Nepomoceno, the building today houses the Museo Ning Angeles. Unfortunately, the museum was closed during our visit. 


Bale Herencia 

Angeles 12

A two-story ancestral house, Bale Herencia was used as a residence, Catechism school, office of a town councilor, mini-casino and then commercial establishment. Today, it serves as venue for formal events and art exhibits.  


Pamintuan Mansion 

During the Philippine-American War, Angeles was where the president of the fledging Philippine Republic, General Emilio Aguinaldo set up his traveling government. The Pamintuan Mansion was his official residence in Angeles. 

Angeles 13

It is in this mansion where Aguinaldo watched from the second storey window while waving the original Philippine flag a grand parade in celebration of the first and only anniversary of the shirt-lived republic. Today, the mansion houses Central Bank’s regional clearing office. 

Angeles 14

On our way back home after our half-day Pampanga road trip, I can’t help but notice the majestic Mount Arayat overlooking vast emerald green rice fields. 

This concludes our Pampanga road trip. Click here for Part I –Betis, Part II –Bacolor, Part III –San Fernando Heritage Disctrict


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  1. Very

    nice post. I

    certainly love this website. Keep it up!

  2. i love the holy rosary parish church because of its beautiful place inside it.

  3. nicely done. just sad that I only remember the church. I studied at Holy Angel College from high school through college. it might sounds stupid but I don’t remember which one is the Sto. Rosario Street/sto. entierro. where is camalig, pamintuan mansion, bale herencia, miranda house located at? Wasn’t there a prison or holding cells in the municipal hall before?

    i came here in u.s the year 1982. i haven’t been back to p.i yet.

  4. my gosh. CAMALIG. SO SARAP!:D

  5. I’ve been to Pampanga early this month. It’s one of my spur of the moment travel to a place that I’ve never been to. Hence I have no idea about the place to the extend I feel at lost. Apparently, I’ve been to this location and I’m quite informed with your blog. Aside from bringing back the memories, I must say I’m much aware and educated about the place now—thanks to you. Now, I’m not that at lost anymore.

    Keep on brewing,
    Liyo Denorte

    • I admire people who take time in visiting places in the country to connect to our heritage Liyo. Keep on traveling!

  6. I’ve been to Angeles but never tried visit those beautiful places next time i will include that in my itinerary.

  7. Wooohooo!!! Thanks for visiting my hometown! Thanks for the wonderful pictures! I never get tired of looking at all these places even though I grew up around these places… well, at least until I was 17! I remember the first day Camalig opened in the 70s… it was called King Pizza back then. Then it became Armando’s, then Camalig! Our old ancestral home was on Santo Entierro so I woke up to the sound of the church bells of Holy Rosary Parish and was within walking distance to all the places you have here! Thanks for the memories!

    • You grew up in a lovely town Bong. I am glad to have awaken nostalgia of Angeles in you.

  8. pero ang ganda ng fusion ha? pizza served in a bilao? 🙂 gusto ko ring i-try ang restaurant na ito. buti na lang din nape-preserve pa ang old structures na na-feature mo dito.

    • Thumbs up for Armando’s Pizza for incorporating the use of Filipino materials in packaging their product moonsparks. You should try their pizza when you get to Angeles.

  9. Looks like a fantastic place to eat pizza… and your son seems to enjoy it !

    • An Itallian pizza is an unusual treat for a Pampanga tour Sidney but my son has been craving for it that day!

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