Cory Aquino Funeral

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With the inclement weather hanging over Metro Manila, I was hesitant in bringing along my four year old son Joaquin with me to Cory’s funeral honors this morning at the Manila Cathedral in historic Intramuros. But it was one of his ninongs who sent me a text message stating “sino pang Filipino ang susunod na bibigyan ng ganitong klaseng parangal sa mga susunod na panahon? …wala na” that convinced me to allow my son to witness a historic event unfold despite of the rains.

cory 2

The four streets surrounding Plaza Roma were painted with yellow ribbons and people wearing yellow. It was in front of the Palacio del Gobernador we met with Joaquin’s ninongs publicist Ben Calderon and Associate Solicitor Moses Florendo.

cory 3

cory 4 a

Excited to see their inaanak, Ben and Moses took turns in taking my son and plopping him on their backs while we watched politicians, celebrities and VIPs walked in front us like in a red carpet premier. From the other side of the velvet rope, the crowd cheered the popular and booed the infamous.

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At a quarter before 10 o’clock, the rain poured heavily. A sea of umbrellas filled the area. Most members of the crowd remained while there were some who went to the other side of the barrier. But the police force was courteous in controlling the crowd. The rain began to gradually stop when I received a text message from my wife that the coffin of President Aquino is being carried towards the cathedral’s main portal. She was monitoring the events inside the Cathedral from her office.

cory 6

cory 7

We rushed towards Andres Soriano Avenue. As the truck carrying the coffin of the former president passed by in front us, the people flashed the Laban sign and shouted Cory! Cory! Cory!

cory 8

cory 9

I was a couple of years-old younger than my son when Ninoy Aquino was assassinated and received the honor of a hero’s funeral from the people. I did not have any recollection of what happened back then. All I have are secondary accounts I’ve read in books. Being in Cory’s well-attended funeral in person not only made us feel that we’re one with the nation in witnessing a historic event it also gave us the honor of expressing our deepest gratitude to an extraordinary Filipino.

As I conclude this article, I am watching on television the final funeral rites for Cory Aquino at the Manila Memorial Cemetery in Paranaque. The full honors given by the world, the state, the church, the military, her family and the Filipino people that I’ve witnessed today and during previous days after Cory’s demise reminds me of what Antonio Banderas has said in one of the scenes in EVITA: What a way to go!

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  1. I was around 10 years old when Ninoy Aquino was shot – my distinct recollection was the newspaper being delivered to the house (Daily Express pa) and my parents were reading it over breakfast – both were in shock and I had no idea who he was.

    Fast forward to evening of August 1, 2009, I braved the 2-hour queue at La Salle Greenhills for a last look at her. When she was transferred to the Manila Cathedral, we trooped to Roxas Blvd from the office in Padre Faura to applaud and flash the Laban sign when she passed by. On the day of her burial, the funeral convoy’s route happened to be near my house at the area of Quirino avenue. It was my last chance to pay my respects, so I waited for the cortege and once more did my small part in giving her a rousing final send-off 🙂

  2. I shall always remember President Cory whenever Air on a G String is played

  3. Can anyone tell me the title of the Bach music that was played at the President’s funeral in the cathedral? I’d appreciate some feed back. Thanks

    • Air on A G String by Bach

  4. Can anyone tell me the title of the Bach music that was played at the President’s funeralin the cathedral? I’d appreciate some feed back. Thanks

  5. i truly want to be there. i know, my location in the province and the weather should not be a hindrance but then again work got in the way. i made sure though to see everyhting thru tv and internet. still… nothing will compare to the feeling of actually being there. i respect president cory so much and grew up with her principles. truly the mother of modern democracy. great post.

  6. hi you were there too! i think magkatabi lang tayo nun paglabas ng cathedral i even have a shot of your kid in one of my photos posted here –

    grabe ang feeling no? it was really a history, lets just hope that the filipino people will not forget the legacy of cory- the democracy 🙂

    • lakas ng ulan di ba pusa? but being there was all worth the rain and being wet. We the kind of freedom we are expereincing today to Cory.

  7. You were lucky to be there. Thanks for these photos.

    • we’re glad to join everyone in honoring Cory Aquino ewok. It is my pleasure to post our experience.

  8. so you were there. didn’t brave the rains and instead stayed at home at watch the event on tv. babysitter mode too 😛

    • It was my kumpare who convinced me to brave the rains tutubi. I think the tv stations made a great coverage of the event.

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