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For commuters taking the LRT Purple Line at Araneta Center Cubao Station, travelling and art has become inseparable. Thanks to the innovative project spearheaded by the Light Rail Authority (LRTA) in partnership with the Philippine Association of Printmakers (PAP), LRTART 2009 has brought art closer to the people, at least to the LRT commuters.

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Strategically located in the station’s spacious lobby near its entry and exit points where high traffic is expected from commuters, the art exhibit presents one hundred and fifteen selected works gathered from more than three hundred entries in LRTART 2009 National Painting Competition.

lrt art 6

The paintings range from depictions of passengers boarding the LRT to abstract renditions of LRT’s role in nation building. Some paintings did not fail in catching our attention particularly recognizable styles of Vincent de Pio, Jerry Morada and Odette Cagandahan.

lrt art 4

De Pio’s expressionist style depicts LRT passengers in classic Filipiniana while Jose Rizal peeking from the background.

lrt art 3

Morada, who is known for his surrealism and figuration, shows a woman dressed in gold, silver and metallic red baro’t saya with the LRT rail as halo.

lrt art 7

Odette Cagandahan’s self portrait in sepia shows the child-like expression in her painting.

Although differing in composition, style and technique, the exhibition is a collection of interpretations to the theme, LRT at ang Buhay Pinoy. It is a medley of opinions in visual form –a dynamic dialogue of images that encourage commuters to take a reflective pause and become familiar with the different artistic expressions of Filipino artists.


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  1. hi, traveler on foot. this is ambie. i was involved with the organizing of the lrtart2009. thank you for initiating comments about the exhibit/competition. will take note and refer to it for future projects.

    i was wondering if i can use some of your images for a paper presentation i am preparing for a forum in kuala lumpur…i am using lrtart exhibit as a model for how art can be more democratic – available to the general public.

    hope you respond. thanks

  2. It ran from July 10 to Aug 10, that was what the guard told me. Sana meron ulit next year.

    I liked “Sakto” by Johann Padiemos (oil on canvas). It was also one of the Juror’s choice. Saktong-sakto lang ang pamasahinung may-ari parang ako pag bumabiyahe. 😀

  3. great idea nga ito. hanggang kelan kaya itong exhibit? sana maabutan ko

    • I am not sure moonsparks. But I hope they keep it longer since para those commuters interested in the arts can be familiar with the styles of our upcoming artists.

  4. Wow. I wish I could catch this when I go to Manila. When you’re in the purple line, it’s as if you’re in another country.

    • I also tyroncaliente that they keep the art exhibit longer. It is serves a refresher and breather for commuters. Yes, Purple Line is so far has the best cars and stations among the other two light rail transit in the Philippines.

  5. I like this project. I hope their still in partnership with Instituto Cervantes, Spain’s cultural center. I remember some years back when they had this project together, promoting the study of Spanish. There were art posters with poem’s by Claro M Recto, Rizal and some other Hispano writers.

    • Projects like LRT ART and VERSO sa Metro are great ways in advocating culture and love for country nold.

  6. We have passed by these gallery last Saturday (with Dong of Dongism and Nina of Just Wandering). Too bad we are on a rush to go home. But these art are really eye-catching.

    • Yes they are eye-catching lawstud. Its good to know that you have blogger friends you meet not only virtually and physically as well. 🙂

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