Paete Artists Guild

Paintings and sculptures by Filipino artists Bayani Ray Acala, Richard Arimado, Otep Bañes, Jovan Benito, Christine Cagandahan, Glenn Cagandahan, Odette Cagandahan, Ben Dailo, Carlo Magno, Jerry Morada, Aljo Pingol, Edwin Tres Reyes, Dominic Rubio, and Pancho Villanueva are currently on exhibit for a purpose-driven event in the lakeshore town of Paete.

Held on April 4, 2009 at the Shekinah Gallery located along J.P. Rizal Street, Paete, Laguna, the opening program began with a song-prayer led by sculptor Glenn Cagandahan. Shekinah Gallery owner Mary Cagandahan welcomed guests and thanked the Filipino artists who donated their artworks in support of the charity campaign.

Among the guests were art enthusiasts, community leaders, and Philippine contemporary art champions, led by guests of honor Galerie Joaquin owner Jack Teotico and Paete mayor Emmanuel Cadayona.

Adding caliber to the well-attended evening were Paete maestro Fred Baldemor, Paete Artists Guild President Angelo “Lito” Baldemor, pastor Iris Cagandahan, Former Paete mayor Immo Afurong, Galerie Francesca’s Suzanne Magno, Contemporary Art Philippine managing editor Tara FT Sering, and Kape Kesada owner and founder of Paete Artists Guild Dr. Nilo Valdecantos.

Dubbed as Bless the Children, the fundraising campaign is organized by the Lighthouse of Faith, a religious organization based in Paete. All proceed of the art exhibit will go to the organization’s program of providing scholarship for its 300 adopted children.

The exhibit runs until May 4, 2009. For inquiries call Shekinah Gallery at 049. 557. 23. 15 or 0922. 833. 88.71.

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  1. Si Doc Nilo marami pang buhoc dito, ¡jajaja! 😀

  2. Hey TinTin!
    Do you remember me?I’m Vu.Your classmate in 2006.con tact to me. Cellphone number:(country code)0916858488
    Wait for your reply.Good Luck

  3. Some of my relatives live in Paete and they are expert designers of religious icons. It’s good to know that the art scene is thriving in Paete. I’d love to return to the area since the last time I was there was during my college field trip (think more than 15 years).

    • there must have been some changes since the last time you visited Paete phil. But despite of the changing times, for the town’s traditions and culture remains intact.

  4. Dear Glenn,
    Great Job!
    My friend Gresan Adao told me about your works.
    I am a Presenter in Dubai Eye Radio.
    Hope we can talk more about your works.
    please send me an e-mail:

    Wish All the Best
    Reza Naderi Barough

  5. Nice initiative… they have very talented artists in Paete!

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