Pinto Art Gallery in Hilly Antipolo City

In hilly Antipolo City, antiques, contemporary paintings, and mix-media art find a sanctuary in a 10,000-square meter lot at Grandheights Subdivision. This contemporary art space composed of Pinto Art Gallery, Silangan Gardens and the Weekend Home of Dr. Joven Cuanang.

We went to Antipolo City to see this sanctuary for contemporary Filipino art. After a brief stopover at Antipolo Church, we were back on the road heading for Grandheights Subdivision. From a quaint front door inscribed with welcoming words we entered Pinto Gallery.

Pinto is the Tagalog word for door. As name suggests, Pinto Art Gallery has been advocating Filipino Art since its establishment in 2001 “as a threshold of major art events open to all forms of contemporary art practices.” The Gallery is a venue for changing exhibits by mostly Filipino artists.

Looking at art pieces, set in an actual home and garden makes us appreciate the artworks all the more. From a narrow pinto, the Gallery opens to a vast space. Here we walked around for hours enjoying a Refreshing Retreat at the Silangan Gardens.

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  1. Can we just go toPinto Gallery in Antipolo? My org is going to Antipolo Church on May 4 and we are thinking of going to the gallery and silangan garden.

  2. my son has recently graduated from feu, fine arts major in painting, can he be allowed to exibit his painting in your gallery

  3. How do I get there if I am from Rosario, Pasig City?


  4. how do i get there if I will be starting from commonwealth ave, qc?

    • If you have a vehicle, take the road going to Katipunan Ave. via UP. then Aurora blvd. then to Marcos Hway. Once you reached Sta. Lucia Mall, turn right to Felix Ave. Turn left at Ortigas Ave. When you get to the end of Ortigas (Tikling), go straight and head for the road going up to Antipolo. When you reach a rotonda, stay on the right fork, then you’ll pass The CAPITOLYO and YNARES CENTER, both on your left.
      Drive for another 100 meters then turn right on Grand Height Road, which is right after Salon Style and sr. Pedro Lechon Manok. (If you see a Unciano Hospital both on your right, turn back because you went too far). Follow Grand Heights Road and drive past the guardhouse. Then turn right on Sierra Madre. You will see the entrance to the PINTO on your right.

      If you’re commuting, take bus going Cubao. from aurora blvd. take an FX going to Cogeo. Ask the driver to drop you in Sta. Lucia Mall. Then take a jeep going to Antipolo. You can go straight Antipolo Church and take a tricycle to Grand Height Subd. or you can ask the driver to drop you off near the Ynares Center then walk up look for a trycicle. From Grand Height gate, Pinto is the first house on the right. hope this is helpful.

  5. Good posting friend! Continue fantastic work and keep blogging with post just like it.

  6. This is great. Especially for Seniors. Is there a place for us to sort of gather there on weekends?

  7. Hi, I’m getting married in October of this year and we are scheduled to have our prenup in 2 weeks.. Our problem is we really haven’t decided yet as to where we are going to have it.. Our photographer’s highly recommendation is Pinto Art Gallery but the thing is i haven’t seen the place yet. I’ve tried checking some photos on the net but found just a few.. Hope you could send us photos of the place.. Thank you in advance! Have a great one..


    • Hi Marge,

      did you do your prenup at pinto? how was it? can i see some photos? 🙂

  8. Hi there Traveler(s) on Foot, Glenn and Anne Martinez!

    I edit this lifestyle website called Juice.PH and we are currently working on a feature on the best things to do, eat, try in and out of Manila. Naturally we’d love to feature the Pinto Art Gallery as a recommended place on that list!

    I was wondering if you would be willing to share your photos with us for this feature? Just 3 or 4 photos, not too high-res, web-ready size is enough, to capture the look and aura of the place. Aside from the website, a photo or two would be published in our upcoming January issue of the Juice mini magazine, in which this feature will come out:) Of course, we will give due credit for the photos.

    Let me know if you have any questions or concerns:)

    You can email me at the address included in this comment.

    Thanks and hope to hear from you soon!

    Nicola Sebastian

    • Not a problem Nicola. Go ahead and grab the pictures you need.

  9. its is fancy to see a modern child to get interested on old art gallery looks like we have another great artist to come…

    • Thank you for the kind wish zturo. I believe appreciation for our culture should start while we’re still young.

  10. How do you get there? I’d like to visit some time. 😀

  11. and you’re back and even met sidney

  12. I hope your son was not shocked by the statue ! 😉

    It was great to have met you ! I am amazed by the quality of your pictures especially since I know which camera you use !

    Hope to meet you again one of those days !

    • I think he’s getting used to these kinds of artwork.

      It was also nice to have met you. I am also happy with my camera. In fact I don’t have plans of getting a new one for now.

      When back in Manila, let’s organize a lunch or dinner or a merienda with our blogger friends. see you again.

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