Thank you for visiting Traveler on Foot


I am placing traveling and blogging at the backseat for now. I have been in transition lately. However, I’ve been checking out your comments on a regular basis.  It surprises me that I am still getting a number of comments from readers.

I am also visiting the site of fellow bloggers and occassionaly leave some comments on their site.

I miss traveling and I miss blogging. I’ll be back very soon.

Thank you for visiting Traveler on Foot!

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  1. stumbled upon your blog… love travel, too…

  2. Hey Mr. Traveler on foot! no more traveling? ^_^

    I just want to ask if your using the same digicam you had when we met before [Ocampo lecture @ Ayala], I remember seeing a tiny one, maybe a canon ixus? or have you upgraded to the trendy DSLR? your shots are clear and crisp man, napansin ko lang…

    Feliz y prospero nuevo ano!

  3. doc nilo is a good friend of mine…you’re planning to buy a home there? baka maunahan mo pa ako. 😛 i’ll tell Beyok when I get home and interview him during the New year break. i remember i’ve yet to post an entry about Angelo Baldemor even i have pictures for months now taken at his home gallery. Manny baldemor’s works i used to see on exhibit at the GSIS museum…should you happen to be in paete on the 28th up to the 1st, do contact me…you know my my email, i can give you my mobile number 😛

    • Usually when I plan for quick visit to Paete, 2 hours max (usually just to pick up some artworks) I end up staying there the whole day. Thanks to Doc Nilo who shares his life stories with me over cups of coffee at Kape Kesada. Hindi nauubusan ng kwento. Since then, I always see him in his clinic everytime i go to Paete.

      I think we should meet Tutubi. I’ll send you an email shortly.

  4. angelo baldemor is my uncle. bayani is my first cousin. if you’ve heard of dominic rubio who has an exhibit at serendra until dec 10 (he’s not a relative but a friend of my kuya)

    i will be in paete on the 28th up to the 1st of january. i intend to visit beyok’s new art gallery

    i will suggest to town officials for you to be an honorary paetenian 😛

    • The works of the Baldemors has always been my favorite even before I started collecting art, particularly Manny. Manny’s floral symphony is currenty on exhibit at Megamall. I just went their yesterday.

      I am looking forward to have an Acala hanging on our walls soon (can you tell that to your cousin?.. hehehe). and Oh yes, I love Dominic Rubio’s Old Manila series Tutubi.

      Dr. Nilo Valdecantos has been convincing us couple to have a place in Paete. If we can get to save up some funds, we might have quaint home in Paete. sana talaga… we’re really in love the town.

  5. We only plan to work on the garden and patio at first tutubi. But we’re so inspired with the things we acquired from our travels that we’ve decided to extend the home improvement to the entire house.

    And oh… I am always at your hometown every week (sometime I go Paete twice in a week) since September. I spent almost the whole day knowing the people and meeting up with the local master carvers and home-grown artists.

    I fell in love with Paete’s arts and crafts epecially with the works of Manuel and Angelo Baldemor, the Cagandahan siblings (Glenn, Odette and Christine), Luis Ac-ac, Pio Fadul, and Nilo Gajo. I have brought some of their artworks home. Now, our home looks like a Paete showroom… hehehe…

    I’ll probably share pictures of our home one day. Working on our home improvement has so far been a culmination of our travels for this year (at least in our patio and garden but inside our home is all about Paete… hehehe)

    Glad to hear from you. I am looking forward to walk with you one day.

  6. we haven’t walked together and now…you’ll be back. maybe busy on your garden hehe

  7. Pepe Alas – I am just getting used to new things. That’s about it. Nothing serious really.

    Sidney – O yes… I’ll be back. walking again and sharing our walks with you.

    Akilez – not retiring yet. just placing bloggin at a back seat for now.

    Arnold – good to hear from you again. I’ll be back very soon.

  8. Hope to see you back soon, Sir!

  9. Don’t be a retired Information Blogger? We will miss you. but for a Poetry Blogger I will be around for awhile.

    take care fellow blogger

  10. Come back soon…so that we can walk together again!

  11. Why? What’s happening?

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