Secret Gardens at the Manila Seedling Bank Compound



I haven’t been posting articles lately since we are focusing on some home improvement activities. One project we started working on is converting a part of our house into a Traveler on Foot-themed patio where we plan to display souvenirs and mementoes we have brought home from our travels.




We are so inspired with the landscape we saw during our Viaje del Sol that we wanted to recreate the experience at home. A major characteristic of the gardens featured in Viaje de Sol destinations are the blending of nature and art in a rustic environment. Since we are not landscape artists or interior designers, we are doing this project based on the little “creativeness” we have in our hearts.



Since we are working on a patio overlooking a small garden, first thing on our to-do list is to get some ornamental plants. So during one rainy weekday last week, we headed for the Manila Seedling Bank compound in Quezon City to get planting supplies.   




The Manila Seedling Bank Foundation in a non-government organization established in 1977 as a seedling producer aimed to contribute to the country’s efforts in greening the environment. Today, the sprawling lot has been rented out to plant dealers selling varieties of ornamental as well as edible and flowering plant life, landscaping materials and gardening tools.



What is remarkable about the Manila Seedling Bank compound aside from the affordable plants and gardening supplies are the garden themes. A walk around the garden stores is like entering secret gardens which showcase different landscaping styles.   



We wanted to get some water plants like the quiapo and allow it to float on the aquarium but I was told by the plant dealer that water plants require direct sunlight. Thus, the plan of having a Pandin or Sampaloc Lake aquarium was cancelled from our design plan. Instead we have chosen potted plants that will most likely to survive in partially shaded areas like the fortune plant, money tree, and different kinds of ferns and palms and cacti.


The Manila Seedling Bank is located just across Bantayog ng mga Bayani along Quezon Avenue corner EDSA. Vehicle entrance is along Agham Road.



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  1. Hi! Is your place available for photoshoots?

  2. Hi may eucalyptus plant po kayo need kopo sa thesis please reply thank

  3. Hi..I love flowering plants,anyway…where can I buy petunia? Is there any at your shop?

  4. When will the Manila seedling opens? And what time does it closes?

  5. helo,do u have a palm tree a size of 4ft tall?please give me ur address here in manila?

  6. can somebody give me the name of the store where i can buy the carnivorous plants..
    thanks in advance.

  7. Good day,

    I am planning to have a visit on manila seedling bank next euphorbia and adenium(desert rose) available and in adenium(desert rose) how much does it cost per pot?
    Planning to buy in bulk to start a small flower garden business

    Thank you for your reply
    Jerie Beter of Zambales

  8. im looking for Clitoria Ternate, do you have this kind of plant

  9. Would appreciate it very much if you could advise me where to buy medinillas magnifica. Thanks and GOD BLESS

  10. Hi there! I’d like to ask if you sell Cranesbill..if you do i’d be rushing there anytime. Would appreciate a feedback thank you! lots!

  11. hi! gud eve..
    may i ask if you sell rose petals without preservatives because we need it to our study? and how much it is? we will appreciate your response to this matter as soon as possible.. thank you!

  12. hello po .. would you know kung may eucalyptus plant pa in there? i need it kase, can you tell me how to get there from SM North EDSA? Thank you so much 🙂

    • Hi Paolo. From SM North Edsa you can take a bus going Makati. asked the driver to drop you off before heading for the flyover in Quezon Ave. from there you can walk to Manila Seedlings Bank. Honestly I’ve not seen a eucalyptus planted on soil just cut flowers.

      • When I went there sometime in April, there was just one seller who had eucaptus. I was also on my list of plants to buy but the one they had was quite tall (about 4.5ft) and was being sold for Php100. It was planted in a plastic pot about 10inches high and about 6inches diameter so it would be easy to carry it yourself and would fit in a taxi.

  13. i need rambutan plants…..were can i buy such rambutan plants? email me
    thank you……..

  14. Hi. where can i buy gerbera at a lower price? kindly contact mo thru these nos.09167991836/09175301836

  15. meron kayang lilies sa manila seedling bank?

  16. Hi, ma’am I just want to know if you have dwarf Ilang-Ilang tree for sale thank you very much. We need at least 50pcs. Pls. email me or you can call me at 0916-5771810.

  17. hi…do you have venus fly trap????

    • yes they have. i have a friend who bought one about a month ago

  18. you know what time does msb opens? thanks

  19. Hi…I have read and seen those amazing garden pics at Manila Seedling thru your web and true enough..I was there yesterday with my friend …really, such a
    bargain for beautiful flowers of almost all kinds of varieties from imported to local…hayy…pera lang talaga kailangan whenever one drops by..
    my question is..pls help me, I want to develop my
    garden to such a very attractive sight and a profitable business as well, but I am from Laguna and
    distance to go back and forth to the place is quite
    exhausting and expensive..could there be way that those dealers deliver their products( of the same
    quality, appearance and freshness) right in my door
    steps and I will just be paying for the freight charges??
    pls. help me..I would really appreciated your help

  20. i would appreciate if manila seedling bank can send pricelist of plants and landscaping/gardening materials:) I sure will visit the place soon.

  21. Do you sell different kinds of seeds of trees there including the dao tree and others?can i still buy these trees? im from hilongos,Leyte and i want these to plant in our town because i want to spread these in leyte places for the first time in our places..although we have dao trees in our town but all died because all of them are old and someare uprooted because of typhoon…as my hobby of planting for myself..thank you.

  22. Hi, can I buy plants at Manila Seedling? Are the prices affordable?

  23. hi,

    Can you send me a price list of plants and pots that you have with their corresponding sizes as well.

    If ever i have some queries where can i possibly contact you?

    Hope for your immediate response.Thanks!

  24. Just wanna ask if you still sell the seedlings of venus fly trap?, or venus fly trap itself..
    hope to hear from you soon. thanks.

    • I have not seen a Venus Fly Trap plant for real Koldek. If you’re in QC I suggest you visit the Manla Seedlings.

      • Just wana ask if sell a venus flytrap plant…it looks like a pitcher plant…carnivorous plant po xa…hope to receive a reply regarding this..thanks

  25. Please can you send a seed/seedling cataloogue to
    Peter OShea
    Purok Bantud
    Brgy. Pahanocoy
    Bacolod City
    Negros Occidental, 6100

  26. Hi there! I like ur pics a lot! They’re very nice and were shot professionally! Btw, where is that place with pots (topmost photo)? Was it in Manila Seedling? I’ve never seen anything like that there.

    • All pictures for this post was taken at Manila Seedlings Bank in Quezon City Greg. If you’re interested you can drop by the garden. its entrance is located along agham road.

  27. My mother will definitely be eager to here about this. thanks for sharing.

  28. I finally decide to post a comment. Thanks for you post

    Landscaping Ideas

  29. i really liked that there is a big herbal “supermarket” in there! I went gaga over them and because I come from the province…I spent quite a fortune just stocking up! Lucky manilenians!

  30. my aunt will probably love it in that place.

  31. that’s why you’ve been out for awhile! hehehe!

    good luck with the ‘home improvement’ – I’m sure your having fun together with your family.

  32. Not just plants dennis, the MAnila Seedling Bank is also a good place to get gardening and landscaping supplies.

  33. Wow, this is a wonderful place to see some beautiful plants…thank you for sharing!

  34. Did you heard about scientists in Europe collected all the specimens in the world and freeze them in Greenland?

    It was in the news recently. They did this just in case there is a catastrophic event that will happen on Earth.

    Like a giant asteroid hitting us.

    I hope they have all the seeds from trees and plants from the Philippines.

  35. one of the places i frequent in QC 😛
    i have that fortune plant, no money in there 😛

  36. Gosh Sidney, I am hoping those plants give the same luck as how they were called.

  37. “the fortune plant, money tree;;;”
    Wow…soon you will be very rich…

    Looks like they have lots of plants and flowers on sale!

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