Waking Up on a Perfect Morning at Casa San Pablo


Our day two at Casa San Pablo started at around 7 a.m. Back in the city, waking up at that time means I have already overslept. However, the restful evening and slow movement at Casa San Pablo has disabled my natural body clock to wake me up a couple of hours earlier than seven. 

From the tall glass doors of our casita, we could see that it is a beautiful morning outside. At seven in morning we could still see the thin fog gradually dissolving as the morning sunshine gives emphasis to the lush greenery. It was a perfect morning.





The Butterfly Show


Since we arrived the other day, we have observed different varieties of butterflies hovering above the flower beds just directly outside our casita. It was challenging to chase and take pictures of these colorful creatures as they move from one flower to the other.



When an opportunity came where a butterfly would rest on a flower to suck in its sweet nectar, I immediately take the shot. I was not too successful in taking sharp photos of these colorful creatures but I was able to capture a few good shots.   





Pinoy Breakfast


One thing I like about Casa San Pablo is the eat-all-you-can buffet they served every meal time.




For breakfast, we were served with traditional Filipino Breakfast of sweet longganiza, smooth sunny-side-up (egg), crunchy danggit, flavorful sinangag (fried rice), thick tsokolate eh for our drink and a slice of papaya as dessert.




A Glimpse at the Hot Wheels Room


Before we left Casa San Pablo, Jaina gave us a tour to the different rooms. Each room has different designs but they all have a unified theme of mix-and-match furnishings that complements the contemporary artworks on the walls.



But what we really made us say a meaningful wow was when we entered the room filled with miniature cars. Less than a hundred Hot Wheels cars are encased in collector’s boxes. Some display boxes doubles as accent tables and interesting works of art on the walls. 



This is the final article part on Casa San Pablo. Click here for part one.


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