Fule-Malvar Mansion of San Pablo City



On our way to San Pablo City town proper to get some supplies for our overnight stay at Casa San Pablo, a well-preserved pre-war mansion along the road caught my attention. This is the Fule-Malvar Mansion. Built in the 1915 Romantic-Classicism style, it served as home for spouses Eusebia Fule and Potenciano Malvar.



Dr. Potenciano Malvar received the title as the Grand Old Man from the people of San Pablo. He became a medical officer during the Filipino-American War. In 1909, he became Deputy to the Philippine Assembly until 1912 when he became Governor of Laguna. In 1940, he became the first appointed mayor of the first city in Laguna –San Pablo City.



The house hosted distinguished guests like Presidents Manuel Quezon and Sergio Osmeña. The house was bequeathed to their nephews and nieces who sold to the National Life Insurance Company in 1966. It was acquired in 1988 by the Philippine American Life Insurance Company which undertook the restoration and refurbishment in 1990.



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  1. The fountain is located on the right side of the mansion. A grotto was also found on this portion. The only time its been used was during the first few days after its restoration.

  2. I spent some of my childhood years in this house along with my two brothers. We are the children of Eusebia Abrera Roque “Nini”, daughter of Pacita Fule Abrera, sister of Eusebia Fule Malvar “Dona Sebia”. We called our grandparents mama & papa. We have very fond memories of this house as well as San Pablo City.

  3. Commercial advertising really blights architecture and destroys its aesthetics. Case in point is this. Tsk.

  4. yes….the fountain is still there…though I havn’t ever seen it working…..

  5. i attended the elementary central school near this mansion(1980’s) back then it wasn’t painted white.the natural color gives the house a very creepy look.=)

    i remember there’s a fountain near the house..is it still there? before it became an office(many claimed) it literally is a haunted house in the heart of the city.=)

    • we did not see the fountain Minella. yes I can imagine how the mansion must have looked like how you described it.

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