Malabon Zoo

As a child, what comes to my mind when asked about Malabon is the perennial flooding and the famous city landmark –Malabon Zoo. This private zoo within the city has been a favorite destination during grade school field trips.

The zoo is located along Gov. W. Pascual Street just behind the public schoolhouse, 30 yards away from the bustling commercial district in Monumento (Bonifacio Monument). From within its walls, one can hear the calls of raucous birds and animal cries resounding from deep within Barrio Potrero.

The idea of putting up a zoo in the heart of Malabon was inspired on how smog-filled and factory-ridden now industrial city was once a wilderness teeming with flora and fauna. Owner and visionary Manny Tongco realized that at the rate lands are being developed into commercial and residential areas, there would soon be no habitat left for animals except zoos.

While the mission of Malabon Zoo is to educate the Filipino children about wildlife so that they will be aware of its important role in their lives, thereby assuring the long-term security of the forest and the animals that live in it, Manny and his team of caretakers devote themselves educating the public, especially the young, on the importance of conserving wildlife.

At the well-maintained grounds of the Malabon Zoo, it is not unusual to see a caretaker taking a tiger cub for a leisure stroll or an orangutan in diapers cuddled by children. On a busy day, the bear cat perches on the shoulder on another caretaker. At times, the heavy python is carried around a caretaker’s neck or twines a small snake around his forearm.

While children and adults alike peered at the lions and tigers lazing in cages a mere two feet away and waited transfixed for the 12-foot Indian python to swallow its dinner of a whole chicken, placards and friendly signs near the animal cages speak of the beauty of nature and the need to preserve its balance.

Of course, there are regular monkeys and crocodiles, iguana, wild boars and birds of various plumage.   Also from the dwindling herds from Palawan is a herd of Philippine deer.

From India are the Royal Bengal Tigers and Indian pythons, from Africa a lion and smart orangutan from Borneo. Within the depths of a six-foot-deep murky pond swim South American arapaima, the largest of all freshwater fishes.

Many of the animals at Malabon Zoo have now bred young ones in captivity.

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  1. Sana naman mas malaki ang lugar na tinitirhan ng mga hayop,parang nakakaawa ,mukhang hindi sila maka galaw man lang.

  2. hello..nd gud eve..i would lyk to know if magkano ung entrance fee s zoo..both 4 the parents nd children..thanks..

  3. hi sir tanong ko lng po kung ano ang official email ng malabon zoo ? coz were planning to contact them and we will ask if they offer fieldtrip tour package . Hoping for your reply. Thanks !

  4. tnong klang po kng mgkano po ang entrance s malabon zoo blak po nmin pmunta this sunday thank you po.

  5. Ang entrance fee sa Malabon Zoo as of July, 2013 ay 150 pesos per head bata at matanda.

  6. Hi to the owner of Malabon Zoo,
    I will not give any comment, but rather i would like to donate my Philippine Monkey to your Zoo, (free) but you will be the one to pick him on my address if you want too. We are all scared here as he become wild now. He is almost 7 yrs old, His name is muymoy. Pls txt me if interested, 09231287502. Thanks.

  7. Hi just wanna ask if how much is the fare rate
    if i ride on a bus going there from farmers cubao?

  8. how much po ang entrance for child and adult ? tskA kung pde po magdala ng food ?

  9. bukas ba ang malabon zoo tuwing linggo

  10. good morning!we just want to visit a malabon zoo,,may i know how much it cost per person,,adults or a children,,let me know pls…thank u,,alma from bulacan,,,

  11. Gleen, anong mas maganda malabon zoo or manila zoo? para don ko dadalhin si gwen…


  13. magkano po entrance fee para sa bata and matanda salamat po..

  14. magkano po ba ang entrance fee sa bata at matanda?may mga bawal po bang pagkain na dalhin sa loob ng zoo?

  15. Hi do you have a tarsier in Malabon Zoo?

  16. hi.. we`re need to have fun and spent our time this coming holiday,for my nephew`s b-day!
    may i know how much it cost if we have 6 children old of 4-3-2-1-1?and but the adult,
    i didn`t know if how many has come with the celebrant?

  17. I just want to know what is your entrance cost? and How will I get there when Im from in Abad Santos ave.?

  18. anu po ang kabuuang sukat ng malabon zoo? need po kc s research namin.. thanks 🙂

  19. ask ko lng po magkno po ang entrance ng mga bata…and ilan taon ang wlang bayad????

  20. bukas po ba ang malabon zoo ngayong April 23 at magkano po ang entrance ng adult at kids

  21. Ask ko po how much rate for adult & children and open po ba kayo tomorrow Saturday?

    Thanks po.

  22. Will you be open this coming Holy Week? What days and time, please? What is your contact number?

    • ask lang po kung may cellphone number na pwedeng mkapagtxt sa malabon zoo. for the schedule on holy week. thanks

  23. Cguro mas maganda sa Malabon Zoo kesa sa Manila Zoo kasi nagpunta kmi ng family ko sa Manila Zoo pero konti nlng ang mga animals. Cguro mas marami animals sa Malabon Zoo.


  25. good am mag tanung lang magkano entrance fee sa malabon zoo kc mamasyal kame ng pamilya ko sa linggo and my sasakyan ako pano mag pnta galing kami ng camarin caloocan?

  26. May I ask if magkano po agn entrance fee sa malabon zoo?Maganda po itong tourist spot para sa mga visitors from other country?my darating po kasi kaming bisitang kamag-anak from germany….they want to spend their time in a memorable place, and I do think na Malabon Zoois one of them, kaya ni-refer ko sa kanilkang sa malabon zoo.Please reply naman po sa aking email ad. Maraming salamt po.

  27. good morning po,we are planning to visit malabon zoo on this saturday with my family and my neighbourhood..
    can i ask if how much is the entrance for 4 adult, 19 months old and 7 months old.
    can u give me the exact address..

  28. hello…. we also planning to visit there… may i ask how much is the entrance of adult and child? coz i’m a balik bayan i like to bring my family there so they can enjoy the venue and the ambiance of you zoo…. hope you reply this as much as you concern…. thanks

  29. thanks to your site, i got a lot of idea about the place i’m about to go…

  30. gud day! we are planning to visit malabon zoo w/ my Family and friends. May i ask how much is the entrance for adult and children, and the exact location (address) of this place. hope to hear from you soon.Thanks!

  31. I visited this zoo last month and it was depressing. The owner packed too many animals for a zoo of this size. The animals have hardly any room to move about. It must’ve been a good zoo before, but now it’s reduced to an animal prison. Pathetic.

    # 1 Gov. Pascual, Barrio Potrero Malabon
    Tel: 361 3083
    Entrance fee: P70
    Schedule: 8:00 a.m. – 5:30pm

  33. how much entracnce fee? your contact numbers and exact address po? open po b kau ng weekends?

  34. gudday! we are planning to visit malabon zoo w/ my daughter. May i ask how much is the entrance for adult and children, your contact noos and the exeact location (address) of this place. hope to hear from you soon. Thaks! (“,(

  35. good day!gusto ko sana pasyal mga kids ko… ask ko lng how much yung entrance fee?

    thanks po!

  36. we were planning to visit malabon zoo on april
    17 ask q lng kung magkno n un entrance fee reply asap..tnx

  37. magkano poh ang entrance fee???please reply my message

  38. What is your contact number and fax number? How Much is the entrance fee for children and adult?

    • magkano po entrance fee,adult and kids!pls reply as soon as posible.


  40. hi! ask ko lang po kung magkano na talaga ung entrance fee kasi iba iba ung lumalabas na price pag nireresearch ko eh? Tnx..

  41. Hi,

    I’m a filmmaker from India and would like to feature an Orangutan in my upcoming film. For the same, could anyone help me with a number and maybe a contact person who I could speak with to discuss the possibility of shooting at the zoo. It’s an urgent enquiry, would really appreciate a response from someone.

    Thanks a lot,

  42. hello po.balak po sana namin magpunta this coming dec 6.kc ippasyal po nmin ung baby ko.kso pno po b ppunta jan gling ng meycauayan?ska mgkno po entrance?

  43. mag dodonate me ng monkey pki twagan nlng po me 2563397 now na po

  44. Sir, IM from Polytechnic University of the Philippines 4th year taking up Bachelor of Science in Accountacy, we are currently enrolled on our thesis writing and our proposal topic is SOCIAL SIGNIFICANCE OF MALABON ZOO this would be significant on your company because we will help you to promote more the zoo to our friends and classmates, and the result of our study will help you assess the views of the customers regarding the zoo..we really assure you that our study will not have a negative impact on the zoo..Would you allow us to make a study about Malabon Zoo? Please reply..Thank you and Godbless

    • I think your project has very good intentions Lady. However, I am not connected with Malabon Zoo. I suggest that you go there personally and seek for the owner. good luck on you thesis!

  45. Helo po,
    ask ko lang po if puede mag dala nang fud a loob nang zoo at me place po para sa picnic? how much cost po ung entrance? kung mga 30 person kmi halo child at adult can w have discount po ba? kc i want to held my bday celebration nang baby ko this coming october 3, pls reply me soon tanks..

  46. I’ve been trying to find a number to call the zoo before going there. Today, Sept. 6, 2009, we planned on visiting the zoo, but to our regret, its raining and we can’t even get hold of malabon zoo’s management to inquire. My son just celebrated his 9th birthday yesterday and i am to undergo an operation in a week or so. This is the reason why i want to spend time with my family by going to the zoo. I wanted to educate my kid about animal life. Can anyone please provide the zoo’s direct number. Are they open on a Monday. I plan to bring my kid there tomorrow hoping the rain would stop. If anyone has the information i need, please respond ASAP.

  47. Malabon Zoo is a great disappointment. I’m 100% Filipino and l like to spend a lot of time with my family on weekends and holidays going to nature trips. We went to the Malabon Zoo yesterday, August 30, 2009 a Sunday. Though there are a lot of tigers, one lion, a few orangutans, crocodiles, and snakes they look dirty and not fed well. The surroundings including the animal cages are unclean and has this foul smell. I didn’t anymore took photos of the animals caused I don’t want to waste time and effort to do so. Though they do bring out a baby tiger, orangutan, and a phython snake for the public to touch, hold, and take photos (they charge you a certain amount of money for this) but still this kind of attraction for me does not cover up my negative review of this zoo. It also will cost you P120 per person regardless if you’re an adult or kid. When we’re about to leave, some guys approached me and said that they’re the ones looked after my car so I have to pay. They don’t have a receipt so I just gave a P5 coin but after that they said it should be P20 since it’s the standard parking fee. I argued but my wife suggested that I still give them the money they’re asking (I guess she fears that if I didn’t we will be cornered). When we left I said to myself never again to visit this zoo. Don’t ever be fooled what TV programs show you when they feature the Malabon zoo.

    • I am sorry to learn what you’ve experience during your visit at Malabon Zoo John Garcia. May I recommend that you forward this review to Malabon Zoo Management as well as Malabon City government. Like you I rather spent time with my family during weekends on eco-cultural destination than malls. I believe as patrons and citizens we have a responsibility to report what make things inconvinient for us hoping that action will be taken and things will be better for others.

  48. hi how much is the entrance fee? we would like to visit malabon zoo but we dont know how much will it cost..

  49. what’s your contact number?

  50. Good day can i have the details how much is the cost if we will be visiting by group, maybe a hundred or more, from Bicol… is it open on Friday-Saturday? We are planning to go there by October 2 or 3, please help… can i just have your phone number…

  51. Hi Sir, we are planning to visit your place we are from Bicol I have been there years back… I guess FVR was still baby then.. (TIGER)

    How much na po ang entrance kung group lets say 100 HS students…please let me know through my email…

  52. I was trying to find a complete contact information but i hardly find it.It seems like until now they dont have official website.Could anyone here knows their email address or any valid phone numbers to contact with?Thank you.

  53. good day,
    Im a snake fanatic. I was wondering if you could be of some help. Taga palawan po ako, and i really want to have a pet albino burmese python. Paano po ba yun dalhin dito sa palawan (requirements po, is it even legal?) kung sakaling meron akong mabilhan dyan sa manila? And kung meron po ba kayong marerefer sa akin na breeder who is selling albino burms? mas maganda po sa kung hatchling pa lang.

    Hoping for your reply,

    • I do not have any information about snake breeders alvin. You can inqure at Protected Areas and Wldlife Bureau about the requirements of keeping a python.

  54. how much po ang entrance fee?

  55. hi?mag reply naman p0 kay0..naka’prepare na p0h kmi..

  56. open p0h ba ngay0n ang malab0n zo0?pupunta p0h kc kmi ngay0n..magkan0 p0h entrance??l2 p0h kmi ta0…kasama bata…pwd p0h ba mag dala ng fo0d sa l0ob??..reply ASAP… :))

  57. good day…
    ask ko lng kung what time open yung zoo & how much the entrance fee? tnx

  58. hi pno po mgpnta ng malabon zoo frm bclaran at bkas po ba kau ng thursday salamat po, mgrply po sana kau sa email add ko tnx ulit

  59. malabon zoo contact number as of dec. 19, 2008,

  60. My family and I went there last Dec. 19, 2008… entrance fee kids and adults Php120 each monday to sunday. From farmers cubao, riding an aircon cubao – letre bus to the malabon zoo doorsteps is Php20.00 each … the experience is not so much, anyway its just worth your while, but the fee too pricey…sige na nga for donation ok n rin…my son had a good time with uranggutan, Marimar.

  61. happy holidays!
    never imagined that malabon zoo could be featured on media. it’s flaterring! i’m one of those animal lovers and good thing animals have “us” to protect and take good care of them.

    see yah animals!

  62. Do you have their contact info? I’ve been trying to search for their website but it looks like they don’t have an official site. Can you share their contact numbers please?

    We reside in Valenzuela and we’re planning to take our son who’ll be turning one on Dec. 27th I just need to know if they’re open and from what time to what time during the upcoming long holiday break.


  63. Malabon Zoo is open to the public Tina. Its open from Sunday to Saturday (Im not sure on Mondays though. if they use this day as cleaning day). But I assure you its open on Saturdays.

    From Farmers Cubao, take a bus going to Letre (Malabon). Ask the conductor to drop you off to Malabon Zoo. When going home, you would have to walk towards the curve to get a ride back to EDSA.

    Hope this helps. Enjoy Malabon Zoo.

  64. hi! my best friend and i are planning to visit this coming saturday… ask ko lng po…

    open po b xa sa public or pang field trip lng?

    bukas pu b ang zoo pag saturday, til wat tym po?

    last question nlng po… panu pu pumunta jan pag commute at pagmanggagaling kme ng edsa-cubao?


  65. Entrance is less than 150 pesos Fina. Your group may inquire about group discount package. They may have that.

    You may contact for more details.

  66. On Saturday, Nov. 15,2008, my teachers and some pupils will be planning to visit Malabon Zoo. How much is the entrance fee? Is there a need for an advance payment? thanks

  67. How Much The Entrance Fee??

  68. My pleasure Ms. Gita.

  69. thanks for sharing the pictures… it is like we were taken for a ride to the zoo! 😉

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