Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Nature Center

Today, we remember Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr. for his the struggles in fighting dictatorship which led to his death on August 21, 1986. In Quezon City, a nature park was named after him –the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Nature Center.

This park started as a portion of the Quezon Memorial National Park which was established in July 5, 1954. The original plan was an area of 197.8 hectares. In 1969, the National Park was reduced to its present size of 64.58 hectares. 

The park has a number of entrances. Its pedestrian entrance however is located along Quezon Avenue. The gate from this entrance opens to a wide, two-lane asphalted road.

The Administration building stands at the end of the road. A bust of Ninoy Aquino is in front of the building.

To the right are two giant cages that used to serve as the original sanctuary of the endangered Philippine eagle. The eagles have been moved to the Philippine Eagle Center. The cages now house some parrots and cockatoos. 

Taking the winding road to the right is an entrance to the Aquatic House where several aquariums display different type of freshwater fishes. At the back of the Aquatic House is an open cage which housed the endangered Palawan Bearded Pig.

Walking further is the Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau (PAWB) and the Wildlife Rescue Center. PAWB has a mandate of collecting endangered species from illegal traders and pet owners. These animals are nursed back to health before they are set loose in their original habitat in the wild.

From birds to reptiles to huge snakes to various type mammals, the exhibit never failed to amuse both young and old.

As we walk around the gardens, we discovered many interesting corners scattered on the park’s wide landscape. There are various Philippine flora that provide shade to several picnic areas, cottages, playgrounds, and a lagoon!

Concealed in lushness is a huge man-made lagoon. The lagoon is still, except for ripples made by the fishes that broke this huge body of water’s stillness. On the far side of the lake are native like houses that rest on slim pillars which are framed against the backdrop of abundant greenery.

This cluster of native looking houses is for rent and can be reached by a long circuitous route towards a place called the Fishing Village. Fishing is not allowed and there are no boats to rent as we initially thought. But that is a good thought.


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  1. Hello there . i would like to rent the pent house there near in the river . I just want to ask if how much ill spend for it ,

  2. Hi ! good day to you all! since Quezon City is a place where MALLS are all over the place, but we miss park, nature, fresh air thus, we (my dad 90 years old , my mom 84 years old, my sister and me are both senior too) plan to tour around NINOY AQUINO PARKS AND WILD LIFE CENTER for the first time. is the park worth visit? for the elderly are in wheelchair. pls advice. Thanks a lot ! God bless you all always

  3. Are dogs allowed in the park? Also, can we shoot inside the area? Pls. reply po. Thank you 🙂

  4. how much the rent of hause in lagoon, were i can ask the price pls i need your reply
    thank you. .


  6. hindi na ganito ang itsura niya ngayon. This place needs re-development.

  7. its my first time to go there and i found it really amazing…i like nature tripping especially when we’re capturing the beautiful spot in there…we love to go back there to have fun together with my dear classmate…its really fun when we pose in every tree…guyzzz….its more fun here in the Philippines …

  8. we are planning to have a picnic at the park, may i know how much is the entrance fee and if we have to rent for the huts?thanx

    • 8php for adult.. no rent fee for the huts

  9. Our senior citizen in our barangay will be having a field trip and Ninoy Aquino Park and Wildlife Center is one of the places were planning to visit on Dec. 14, 2011. We would like ask if there’s an entrance fee for the senior citizens/ excursionist. Thanks..

    • Entrance fees are pegged at P5.00 for students and P8.00 for non-students. Senior citizens and persons with disabilities (PWDs) enjoy free entrance.


  10. Hi, my family is planning a get together for our mother’s birthday this weekend. Would like to know some details like how much is the parking and entrance fee, picnic table or hut, since we’re going to bring our own food and drinks, is there a place for roasting? Please reply as soon as possible.

  11. Hi,

    we’re currently planning to have our prenup here, I was wondering if a permit is required if so, to whom can we ask for and if there is a fee.

  12. hi,can we shoot our prenup photos here?is there need to pay or permit?pls email t.y.

  13. Hi anybody knows, if they hold a pre-nuptial pictorial here In Ninoy’s Widlife Park? how much? to whom whom i will coordinate with? pls. help me. Thanks! 😉 just PM me! Thanks!

  14. !!!!we have seen this park with my friends.. so nice and beautiful especially the river that makes you feel relax…

  15. we have seen this park when my children were much younger..everytime we went there we had some sort of picnic afer viewing the different animals. we especially liked the aguilas..

  16. this is a very nice place..i had explore its surroundings..but im not sure if they accept reservation for a venue of a it possible?..i wanna know..i want to celebrate my debut here.need answers soon,,my debut would be on nov 21 2010:)

  17. hey, where can we find your recommendations and touris plans for the parks and wildlife centers?

  18. Hi.. do they accept reservations for a celebration like debut or wedding receptions??

  19. we’ll having our research about proper preservation of plants and animals in wildlife..these pictures were seems different when you finally there.

    by the way where’s HECTOR of TROY?

  20. this info is a big help for my thesis 🙂

    • We’re glad that you this post helpful eden. Good luck on your presentation!

  21. hi. i’m planning to rent those native houses for my son’s 1st birthaday party… can you please email me the rates/packages/corkages…. thank you so much… looking forward for fastest reply…

  22. hi. i’m planning to rent those native houses for my son’s 1st birthaday party… can you please email me the rates/packages/corkages…. thank you so much… looking forward for fastest reply…

  23. hi. i’m planning to rent native houses for my son’s 1st birthday…. can you email me your rates/packages/corkages… tnxs….

  24. Ark avillon zoo is better than ninoy aquino parks and wildlife. Check it out guys

  25. We will go there to check the environment and place

  26. We’re going there this coming thursday. We’re from Gensan to have a tour there. Hope this place will be worth going.

    • You can expect a peaceful environment at Ninoy Aquino Park Fritz. You can also visit Quezon Memorial Circle nearby. enjoy your tour in Quezon City.

  27. just went there this afternoon. the place is a mess.
    dried leaves scattered everywhere. dead trees. lots of trash. no more grass just the dried up soil. cracked pavements. greens are almost brown na. it’s different fr these pictures here.

  28. it’s been years since i visited that park even if i live quite near it. those flasks at cafe serye, aren’t those vacuum-brewed coffee?

  29. Same here estan. I passed by this place often but I was too lazy to drop by until one day. I think it’s a common thing that people disregard places that they see often.

  30. its just in quezon city but i haven’t really explored this much.

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