Quiapo Fortune Telling Corner



Madam Rose hails from Tagum, Davao. Her specialty is love, career and business, and her medium is French tarot cards. She also does playing card reading and palmistry. Her clients has come from different walks of life who had either just passed by the Fortune Telling Corner at Plaza Miranda and Evangelista Street or went to touch the 400 year old image of the Christ enshrined at the Quiapo Basilica. 




In the Philippines, despite of our nation’s all-pervasive Christian religion which frowns upon the practice of fortune-telling, the practice ironically continues to persist on the streets and corners surrounding of the Basilica of the Black Nazarene in Quiapo.



According to Angelique Manalad in her Manila Times essay, fortune telling is “an unscientific scam. But it can be therapy. Like religion, having possible answers to one dilemma give one relief and hope. But as its Filipino term hula means, these are nothing more than possibilities foreseen.”


Nevertheless, Quiapo fortune tellers or manghuhulas managed to remain in business. With their steady stream of clients, both skeptics and believers come to Quiapo to have their fortunes foretold, past lives read, recover lost objects, bring together estranged couples or control some dark forces in the horizon.



For a negligible sum of 100 pesos for a 30-minute session, the manghuhulas of Quiapo unflappably shuffle their tarot cards or ordinary playing cards, confidently review their astrological charts or false ouija boards, closely study the lines on palms and body’s physical characteristics. They also offer strangely shaped amulets or talisman to ward of evil spells or curses or prescribe herbs as remedy one’s illness.




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  1. […] are still open to the concept of fortune-telling, which is made quite famous in Plaza Miranda, the Quiapo fortune telling corner, lined with palm readers, tarot readers, and the like. According to Angelique Manalad in her […]

  2. Celphone number of madam rose

  3. haha,,im going to try this fortune teller this coming friday afternoon.Im going there with my friend.haha

    im so excited!

    I tried manang susan and she’s really great.I cried the first time she red the set of cards that i chose.shes really great…

    • where can i find this manang susan? saan xa nakapwesto?

  4. I’m a big fan of palm reading. but I’ve never got my palm read by a fortune teller. I think this subject is fascinating 🙂

  5. Fortune Teller or Amulet and talisman are hope and faith of people.

  6. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

    • Thank you sandrar

  7. […] Photo taken from Traveler on foot […]

  8. Hi,

    Wondering if we may use one of your images above to include in an article, ’50 things to to do in Manila’.

    Trixie Zabal
    Web producer, SPOT.ph

    • Not a problem Trixie. You may use one of the images i posted for the topic Quiapo Foretune telling corner. Can you give credit to the source and not edit the watermark?

  9. me and my wife happen to pass by Quiapo last Friday. We gave it a try for the experience and shelled out 100 pesos.

  10. you shelled out P50 to have your fortune told by those women? just to have a story…i did it once to interview a manghiilot…(i remembered i still have to post the artcle)

  11. I agree that manghuhulas have interesting things to share Ferdz. Some take them seriously while other simply try fortune telling for the experience.

    Based on our experience, I think the manghuhulas based their prophecies on gut feel, hunches, instinct and common sense.

  12. Likewise lawstude, I’m not a fan of fortune telling. But then again it is part of our culture. It is something that adds color to Quaipo as see it today.

    I am firm believer that we always have a choice and guided by a Supreme Being.

    Have a wonderful week as well.

  13. I have always wanted to try these fortune tellers here in Quiapo and see what they have to say.

    I had a chance to have a Tarot Reading a couple of times before from known “Fortune Tellers” and they had some interesting insights as well. Moreso, I think they don’t really tell the future but tells you “possibilities” which you can decide which ones to take.

  14. So, have you let her read your palms?

    I am not a fan of fortune telling but I guess they play a part in our society – that is – making Pinoys feel hopeful and expectant of better days ahead.

    Have a great week ahead of you.

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