Our Viaje del Sol Experience Continues at Ugu Bigyan’s



Our experience at Ugu Bigyan’s in Barangay Lusacan, Tiaong Quezon is best described not in words, but in the images we’ve captured. 














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  1. we are planning to go there over the weekend. do we have to make reservations? can you please e-mail me directions on how to go there? thanks! your reply is greatly appreciated. =)

    • you’re right you have to make reservations if your planning to have your meals at ugu. However, if you plan to visit the potter’s workshop and check out the resto you can just walk in. I do not have the contact information of ugu bigyan irene.

  2. i was so surprise, this place have been change……so …….. very impressive…
    the last old memory i got in my mind that when it is started . i was 4th year high school at lusacan national high school…
    i congratulate you …. i know that lola was so very thankful that he had a son like you ….
    i missed so much our place…… so much..

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