Art of Ugu Bigyan



Pottery is a delicate and sensitive craft that demands the potter to be at peace with the environment. In Tiaong, Quezon, a potter has created himself a peaceful abode just like the artworks he churns out daily for the past 23 years.  





Augusto “Ugo” Bigyan, the celebrated potter who has contributed to the fame of his hometown. As we continued with our Viaje del Sol, we stopped by Ugu’s workshop in Barangay Lusacan. Elements of Philippine culture are evident in the Spanish-inspired architecture. No words can describe the images we captured at his home-cum-art workshop. 





Original and creative ceramic pieces spilled from the house through out the garden, where Ugo shares his art to those who wish to experience dining al fresco in one of the Balinese inspires huts and partake a meal on his signature leaf plates. 



The earth tones and motif are constantly seen in the pottery, consistently repeated in the selection of furniture and décor. Ugo’s fascination for the intricacies of the nature seen in leaves and fishes apparent in his ceramic art is the central theme of his home.






A wall tile collage of terracotta leaves in the living room’s wall is a focal point when entering the house. The sculpture of coffee roots with ceramic leaves, cherubs of the exterior wall, the school of fish embedded on the footpath are just some of elements that make Ugo Bigyan’s hideaway unique yet cozy.  





The sheer number of pieces exhibited in Ugu Bigyan’s home and workshop are proof that the artist is indeed at peace right here.


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  1. how much is the entrance fee without lunch? we’re group of about 28….students

  2. Maraming pagkakataon na akong nakapunta sa tila paraisong hardin ni Ugo Bigyan,doon ay naranasan ko ang humubog ng mga putik upang makabuo ng isans likhang sining na noong una’y akala ko na hindi ko kayang gawin. Ang mga pagkain ay talagang napakasarap at kakaiba. Kung ako ako ang tatanungin , hindi ako magsasawang balikan ang tahanan ni Ugu Bigyan

  3. dear mr. Ugo,
    I’m a graduate student at PNU. We had our fieldtrip last Jan.30 in your place. Can I permission if you will allow me to use the pictures of your products in my primer? It’s like a mini book with a copy wright. Original pictures will be used.This is a required project in my biogeogaraphy subject. I hope you will allow me.Thank you and more power

  4. mr.bigyan,
    i am an instructor for communication students here in Southern Luzon State University. For my tv and radio production we wanted to produce a documentary travelogue. i would like to ask if you accomodate students to produce and shoot a video documentary of your pottery house. i am in high hope that you would allow us to feature your place. we are going to do this for project requirement not for commercial tv whatsoever. i hope that you will allow us. me and my husband were friends with your nephew ,peter,and he told me about your place.thank you very much.

  5. Ugo;
    Ginny Peters here from montana usa remember me I’m Willie & Judy Roxan cousin. I’m trying very hard to get ahole of you .I’m very intersted in selling your pottery here in the USA. If you can Please get aholed of me ay I will be going there in 2010 so I will be seeing you then. But I would love to do some business before then. Hope all is fine with youb and your family talk to you soon. Maybe you can send me you phone number.
    Thank you again Ginny Peters PO. 488 Dillon Montana 59726 God Bless

  6. on august 15 its ugo bigyan birthday. comeand visit his pottery

    • I agree sherwin Ugo’s house is very unique and artistic. A must-see attraction in Quezon. We want to visit his pottery soon!

  7. i’ve been in ugo’s house in tiaong. its very beautiful

  8. We are having a Bazaar this coming November 15-16 entitled Noel de Luxe at the Megatent 30 Meralco Avenue, you might want to participate in our event since most of your product will appeal our target market.For inquiries please call me at (02)6712634 0r (02)9150399 or email us in the above address. Thank you.

  9. My pleasure malvin. thank you.

  10. hi there, nice site. may we post your article to my blogsite? if you have time to contribute articles, it will be our pleasure.

  11. Thanks for visiting lawstude.

  12. hello there. amazing blog really. it’s my first time here and i would definitely go back. i have heard so much about ugu bigyan and your post just proved how a great artist he is. thank you for sharing.

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