Comfort Food at Kinabuhayan Cafe



Americans consider meatloaf and mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, and chicken pot pie as soul food that would cheer them up. For the local tongues, the rich flavors of adobo, kalderata and thick peanut sauce of the kare-kare are feel-good food.


Comfort foods do wonders when one is struggling to make it through a bad day. Carbohydrates are beleived to calm and satisfy because they change serotonin levels in the brain. 





However, more than just a natural Prozac that alters brain chemistry, perhaps it is the very personal memories comfort food evokes. Particular taste brings back such precious childhood memories. Arrozcaldo reminds me of the warmth at home with my parents around. Partaking arrozcaldo makes me feel loved and all better when flu or an upset stomach renders me ill. 



Dining over a hundred kilometers away from home, one would expect the food to be unfamiliar and novel. Not when we visited Jay Herrera’s Kinabuhayan Café in Dolores, Quezon.  



As a Viaje del Sol pit stop, our dining experience consistently cheered up not just our tired body but as well as our weary spirit.    




The dishes served were typical everyday fare the ingredients available in Dolores and neighborhood towns. All dished were cooked and prepared by Jay’s masterful hands.  



Dining al fresco in one of the relaxing spots at the Kinabuhayan Café elevates eating everyday food into an art form. No mater how far from home, comfort food made lovingly magically soothes, satisfies and heals. 





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  1. how i wish mapasyalan din ng family mo ang oriental mindoro, please visit
    the first book cafe in oriental mindoro
    God bless your trip always

  2. I’m from quezon province and never been to this place. lately
    kinabuhayan cafe has been getting a lot of good reviews I think I should visit the place and experience it as well.

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