Chocolate –a beverage brought by the Spaniards from Mexico in the 16th century. It was an expensive drink that never really gained popularity among the masses. 



When my merienda of ensaymada with slices of queso de bola and the rich and thick tsokolate-eh were served to me at Cafe Adriatico, it made me recall a scene in Rizal’s novel Noli me Tangere where he pokes fun at friars and chocolate drinking.  



This scene relates the kind of hospitality at the convent when hard-faced Franciscan Padre Salvi  gave the coded order for “tsokolate-eh” out would emerge a rich and thick chocolate drink; on the other hand if the instruction was for the housemaid to fetch “tsokolate-ah,” it is advisable to leave at once, before the diluted, watery drink arrives.



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  1. Likewise Arnold.

  2. Almost all of our known beverage then was brought here by the Friars (including some wines & spirits we easily adapted as our own!).

    Of course, this product of the cacao tree – is my personal favorite!

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