The Initiation Rites of the Katipunan


Today, July 7 marks the Founding of the  Katipunan in 1892. The house where the secret society was founded on Calle Azcarraga (now Recto Avenue) corner Calle Elcano is no longer there. Only a larger-than-life sculpture serves as reminder of the men Leading to be Free 



In front of the Tutuban Center Mall in Divisoria is a sculptural rendition of the blood compact which was part of the Katipunan initiation. An incision was made one the neophyte’s left forearm with a scalpel then with the blood that flowed, a brother-in-arms to be signed his name on the oath of membership.  



The final rite was an emotionally charged moment  where the Katipuneros embrace their new brothers exclaiming “Kapatid!” and ending with a reminder that Katipuneros were to consider brothers, pledge mutual protection and redemption of the Motherland, Filipinas. 


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  1. the history of the philippines is indeed a thing to remember… we must bear in mind that we are filipinos
    we love our country, do something for our country… and we must be proud to be PINOY!!!

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