The Kamistisushan District of Malolos

THE INTERIM CAPITAL. After the declaration of the Philippine Independence in Kawit, General Emilio Aguinaldo moved the seat of government to Malolos, Bulacan. It was in the ancestral houses near the Malolos Cathedral that Aguinaldo established various offices for the First Philippine Republic from September 10, 1898 to March 29, 1901.

Some of these ancestral houses are still inhabited and in good physical condition. While there are some houses that have been converted into commercial establishments, there are also those that has been demolished several years ago.

PALACIO PRESIDENCIAL DE AGUINALDO. With a book written about ten years ago, we went to Malolos to locate these ancestral houses in an area near the Malolos Cathedral called as the Kamistisuhan District. From Casa Real, we started off by walking through the General Felipe Estrella Bridge on my way to Malolos Cathedral. The Cathedral’s facade stands out from the opposite end of the bridge.

The Convent of Malolos Cathedral served as the seat of the Aguinaldo’s Presidency.

HERITAGE HOUSE GONE. From the Cathedral, we walked south towards the corner of Estrella and Pariancillo Streets where the Arcadio Ejercito House stands. This house served as the Department of War of the First Philippine Republic. The house looks modern with commercial establishments at the ground floor.

Along the left side of Pariancillo Street is the Erastro Cervantes House which housed the Department of Interior. According to the guide book, the house of Ponciano Tiongson which was the Commissaria de Guerra should be right across the Cervantes House. I’ve learned from a local resident that the house was demolished years ago. An Internet café occupies the site. An old movie house stand next to the Cervantes house.


ADRIANO HOUSE. The Adriano House also along Pariancillo Street is not easy to miss because this ancestral home has been beautifully restored to its original state by Meralco. The Adriano house served as the Gobierno Militar de la Plaza during Revolution.

OLD CARCEL. Just across the Adriano House is the old Carcel. The old jailhouse has sealed half-moon balconies.

INSTITUTO DE MUJERES. Turning left at the next corner, we found the site where Jose Rizal’s Letter To the Women of Malolos was read. It was through this letter that Rizal (writing from Spain) gave encouragement to the brave women who established a night school for women, the Instituto de Mujeres, against the objections of the town friars.

LOMOTAN HOUSE. Turning left to Sto. Nino Street, on a corner lot stands the gabled-roof Lomotan House.

JOSE BAUSTISTA CARYATID HOUSE. Directly across the Lomotan House is the famous 1877 Jose Bautista House with the caryatids on the street façade. Don Jose Bautista served as Aguinaldo’s aide de camp. The house served as office of the Secretaria de Fomento. We’ve learned that the descendants of Don Jose converted the  house into a living museum of antique artifacts.

Moving on to the corner of Santo Nino and Estrella Street stands another old movie house. At this point, we’re back on Estrella Street, facing the Malolos Cathedral.

MABINI’S OFFICE. Across the church along Estrella Street is the Lino and Maria Reyes House with its weathered wind vain and octagonal rose windows. This house served as the office of Apolinario Mabini when he was appointed as chief adviser to President Aguinaldo. There were rumors that time that Mabini and Aguinaldo were often heard arguing from this house.

GENERATION GAP. Locating these ancestral houses in the Kamistisuhan District can be challenging because none of the houses were properly marked. Some of the people, particularly those from my generation cannot seem to identify these houses when we asked them.

EPILOGUE. We visited the museum at Barasoain Church run by the National Historical Institute where museum administrators Neth Jimenez and Edgar Santiago showed us old photos of the houses located in the Kamistisuhan District to confirm the houses we viewed that day.


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  1. FB page of the Alberta Uitangcoy-Santos House (Museo ng Kababaihan ng Malolos) in Kamistisuhan

    FB page of the docu-musical indie film about the 20 Women of Malolos

  2. Hoping government officials in Malolos would improve the zoning and get rid of the beer houses in the street of Pariancillo, get rid of illegal activities and make those streets a safe place to live in. Converting it back to what it used to be may motivate owners to preserve it. Please “WALK THE TALK”. From a direct descendant of Ponciano Tiongson.

  3. you should see the newly restored ancestral home of Alberta Uitangcoy-Santos (Leader of the 20 Women of Malolos) with the help of the Women of Malolos Foundation, Inc., we…the descendants of Alberta were able to raise funds for said restoration…after which, the whole block of “Pariancillo – Kamistisuhan” will likewise be restored as planned…It’s really more fun in Malolos, Bulacan (Myra Ann Tibajia-Lapid – Treas. of Women of Malolos Foundation, Inc. and proud Apo sa Tuhod ni Alberta Uitangcoy-Santos)

  4. We plan to go for a visit to attempt to, err, complete the passport for the heritage trail of Lakbay Rizal @ 150. I hope it’ll be easy to locate and to get the passport stamped.

    Very interesting and informative post, as always. Thanks!

    • if you are still interested to visi the Alberta Uitangcoy Santos house please contact 09154339438… thanks..

  5. Hoping Malolos local government officials will realize the wealth they are neglecting under their noses. Such a historical place should be preserved. Brochures as well as proper markings will make visitors tour enjoyable and meaningful. Tourism is one wealth we have that only needs our awareness to become profitable.

    • I agree Victoria Solis. There are several places in the country that can be promoted and protected as a heritage site, Malolos is one them.

  6. nice one. note that this is one of the 27 sites for the upcoming lakbay rizal…how about visiting this together? 😛 need to secure the passport first. let me know what you think

  7. Ponciano Tiongson is my great grand father. Unfortunately, his house no longer exists. My father shared amazing stories about his ancestors. It would be nice though to read more about them from other people. Hope you could do more research and publish them. Thank you,

  8. Pinanganak ako sa Malolos nun 1953.. Alam ko lahat yun lugar ng kamestisuhan (Sto Nino)… halos naubos ko oras ko duon.. Nag-aral ako sa Immaculata Academy (grade 3 sa St Joseph).. I remember si Aling Toyang sa St. Joseph (siya lang kasi ang nagtitinda duon).. Alam ko yun mga Lomotan, bautista, Reyes, Santos, Crisostomo, etc. Titser namin si Ms. Ramos, Esguerra, Asprer at Ongaguit… madre namin si Sr. Oliva… (Immaculatan lahat)..Tanda ko pa rin yun PNB nun, Estrella, Eden at Sine Malolos… Tanda ko rin yun pook na tinayuan ng bahay paaralan (na magtuturo ng wika kastila) na itinayo ng mga kababaihan na taga Malolos na nilihaman ni Dr. Jose Rizal Buhat sa Londres nuon Ika 22 ng Pebrero, 1889… Yun tinayuan ng mormons, yun ang eksaktong lugar ng St. Joseph.. Sayang yun… Yun kapilya ng Sto Nino na nakapatong sa pader na bakod ng bahay nila Aling Gundang… Sana makabalik pa ako sa Malolos at duon na tumira…

    • Mike salamat sa mahalagang impormasyong ibinihagi mo. Napaganada at sagana ng kasaysayan ng Malolos. Sana mapanatili ang mga natitirang gusali ng kasaysayan doon.

      • good day! ako po si elisor guieb from PUP, and a student of AB History..plano po ng grupo namin na gumawa ng THesis about kamistisuhan district….help naman po nyo kami na makakalap ng mga details about this historical place…para ho makilala ng maraming pilipino ang Kamistisuhan district………..ito po ang facebook account ko…maraming salamat…^.^

  9. nakakalungkot ngang isipin na pinapawalang halaga na ng ilan sa ating mga kababayang taga Malolos ang kahalagahan ng mga Bahay na Bato, minsan ko na ring napasok ang mga bahay na bato na ito nung akoy nag-aaral pa ng Arkitektura sa Bulacan State University, ngunit dahil sa kakulang ng mga impormasyon at panahon, di namin natapos ang paglikom ng ng kasaysayan ng mga bahay na bato sa Malolos, sana nga ay mapanatili pa ang mga natitira pang bahay na ito sa aking bayang sinilangan. Salamat po sa paglathala nito.
    -ariel na taga Matimbo, Malolos.

  10. We should keep the tradition of Bahay Na Bato, like Jose Rizals Bahay Na Bato in Calamba without that spanish garbage and be more like our neighbors in Asia, we’re not spanish we’re Asian!.

  11. im proud to be a malolenyo! because the first philippine congress is birth here.pero nakaklungkot isipin na hindi binibigyang pansin ng lokal government ng malolos ang preservation ng mga lumang bahay of now.ang dami nang nadedemolish na ancestral house sad.

  12. many years ago, i toured the french quarter in new orleans. most of the antebellum homes were converted into shops, bars, restaurants and hotels to cater to tourists. it was not a living city compared to the kamistisuhan district of malolos where families have lived for generations. however, at the st. charles district of new orleans, pre-civil war homes have been lovingly restored to their former glory. i hope the same thing could be done to some of the homes in the kamistisuhan district of malolos which have gone to seed.

  13. I lived and was raised in Caingin, in the Historical Town of Malolos, now a City in the Province of Bulacan, PHILIPPINES. During my childhood years, there were so many old Spanish houses all over the town proper which i really admired for their intricate architectural designs, carvings, paintings and majestic structure. I always stopped in awe to admire and looked at these old houses during my childhood years every time i go into town. Unfortunately lots of these houses were neglected, left to rot and was demolished eventually. Some had burned down and was replaced with modern buildings. How i wish i have a camera when i was young to capture all these beautiful historical artifacts of my home town. Now there are still few old houses that are still can be seen especially around the Basilica-Cathedral area or the so called Kamestisuhan in Barangay Sto. Nino.

    I always loved and looking forward with the colourful religious festivities in the City of Malolos like the annual Sto. Nino exhibit and grand procession every January of which lots of owners who live and work abroad take time to be home for this particular feast, Life size with few antique statues depicting Christ’s life nd passion and their grand carroza’s during Lenten Season, Easter Sunday and Assession Day processions, Santacruzan and Grand Flores de Mayo, Feast days of the Barangays under the Archdiocese of Malolos, especially the Historical Church of Barasoain, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel and the Feast of the Patroness of the City of Malolos, Virgen La Immaculada Conception.

    All year round, the City of Malolos is always busy preparing for grand festivities that can only be seen in this very Historical part of Bulacan, PHILIPPINES. Mabuhay ang Lungsod ng Malolos! I will always be proud to be Maloleno!

  14. If you may please allow me to post.
    The WOMEN OF MALOLOS FOUNDATION INC. has an on going project which aims to restore the houses along the Kamistisuhan district, “Own a Piece of History – Adopt a Heritage House” for those who will be interested to help us please visit this site for more information or contact Mr Bong Enriquez at 0916 2534748… maraming salamat po… Tulungan nyo po kaming BUHAYING MULI ANG MALOLOS!!!

  15. here’s a piece of funny trivia..did you know that those movie houses in malolos are not in bandy with each other during their time. No clash of interest: Estrella theater only features tagalog action movies, Eden theater-english movies, Vimar theater-chinese kung fu movies, and Malolos Cinema-tagalog comedy flicks. what a coexistence.

    • Interesting trivia elmer. I only have general information about the Malolos Kamistisuhan District. Thank you for sharing.

  16. Local government or any other officials are nothing to do with this houses because we all know that they’re useless anyway. I think this is up to the owners or new owners, families/relatives and the people of Malolos who should make efforts to preserve these buildings as they are part of their heritage.
    They should be aware and acknowledge the historical and architectural value of these buildings. If everyone will learned, stand and have their say, maybe some officials or the local government will start to listen.

    The problem that we are facing is the fact that most of us are naive or worst ignorant. That we don’t even know who we are or what we are, that we failed to noticed the importance of those that surround us.

    • What you said was right.. I strongly agree… This will greatly help me with my thesis. Thanks..

  17. Ang ganda talaga ng Malolos.Miss na miss ko na umuwe.Thank you for posting.I used to walk to those streets.No other place like home. Proud to say marami talaga ang mababait sa lugar g malolos.By the way my baryo is Caingin opposite of Casa Real.Thank you again.

    • Yes MIKES I had a good experience in touring Malolos. Most of the people I’ve met are accomodating. And we also have a place nearby.

      • I was born and raised in Malolos,and after 44 years I still live there though my work oblige me to be away from home 10 months in a year.

        Last year I was surprised by the demolition of the Lino and Maria Reyes house. Actually its not leveled to the ground for nothing , from what I hear a well known movie star bought the house to use its parts in a house he is building somewhere. What saddens me is the fact that no effort from the local government was made to stop its sale to save its historical value.Apparently there was a municipal ordinance about the preservation of such houses but for unknown reason the sale pushed through.

        Being in love with ancestral houses I would always walk along Kamistisuhan in Barangay Sto. Nino admiring these national treasures. Just across the Dr. Santos house (second picture) was another house owned by the same Family. I wish you have taken pictures of that, specially the interior its the only house I know with a mural on the cieling painted by the late National Artist Fernando Amorsolo.

        The Adriano house was so special for me since my great grand father stood as the Kapatas (foreman) during the time of its construction. The front of the house faces Pariancillo St. while the back admire the
        beauty of the Bautista Caryatid House along Sto Nino St..It took workers three years for the Adriano house to be finished.

        There are more houses of these kind in Malolos I hope the owners will try to preserve the rich heritage they represent.

        Thank you for this wonderful blog.

        • Bo this is sad news. Hay talaga naman.

    • I was born in Caingin saan ka sa Caingin?

      • Enriquez street ako BO..Saan street mo ako sa

  18. The old house where Meralco is now used to belong to my great grandmother, Dona Julita Santiago vda de Adriano. I still rememeber the house bec. it was big, huge, amd majestic and nice to play hide n seek. Good thing they have maintained its ancestry look. When my grandmother died, it was sold to Meralco. My father has the ancestral cabinet which is big n intricate wood carvings and so with the bed ala Queen Elizabeth bed. Very majestic.

    • thank you sharing this information Rosemarie. its just unfortunate that the house is not open to the public or at least people to see what inside unless you have any business with Meralco.

  19. maganda ang malolos, nagtira ako rito
    angelita tantoco is my wife
    she is orig na malolos

    maganda talaga ang mga bahay rito, orig
    mabait ang mga taga malolos

    orig na tagalog and madaming yaman ang malolos

  20. Absolutely beautiful! I have never been to the Philippines, but may go now that I am retired. Does the Philippines have certain cities, like say Mexico does, that are designated “Heritage” cities that must maintain their historic beauty?

    • Mexico and Philippines share distinct culture heritage Gregory since both were at one a colony of Spain. There are number similarities in food, traditions, architecture, norms, etc.

      Come! visit the Philippines!

  21. I visited my father’s hometown, Malolos, due to the fact that I am enchanted to beauty of one of descendants of TwentyOne Women of Malolos. I never realized that the place is, by itself, shares a lot of our historic past. I fond childhood memories of Malolos especially the Malolos Cathedral where my lola held her last burial rites and varying portrayals of Sto Nino image. But as it may, thoughts of our historic past has certainly has bearing on our pursuit of freedom and actualization of our potential as a nation.

  22. this really helped meeee! i’ve been living in malolos for all my life and i never knew what were the significance of those houses back then. thanks! haha. this really helped me on my school project!:)

  23. hello traveler 🙂
    i’m currently doing my undergraduate thesis about these houses. and this one is a big help. thank you!!

    • My pleasure beeyang. Good luck on your thesis. Let’s continue our interest on our heritage!

  24. thank you for posting this blog…whew such a big help!!!

    • It’s my pleasure maricris.

  25. your blog helped me to find information about malolos especially the kamistisuhan district.. KEEP IT UP! THANk you!

  26. ei, thank u so mush for the information that you have given. I learned a lot from it. Thanks again! 🙂

  27. ei,thank u so much for the information that you have posted. I learned a lot from it. thanks again.

  28. Your blog entry helped me to gain some information about Malolos for our upcoming tourguiding. BTW, what are other places of interest in Malolos? Thanks

  29. Ang galing naman.5 years na po akong nakatira sa malolos pumupunta kami ng mommy ko sa bayan jan lang pala ang bahay na bato….wahahahahhhh…I’ve learned a lot….I’m only 7years old child from Grand Royal Subdivision…..More power….

  30. I forgot to mention that you can buy Tiongon’s book at Casa Real (in Malolos on the Barasoain side of the bridge.) The Women of Malolos Foundation has a small gift counter where they have copies of the book. Unfortunately, the book costs 1,300 pesos, but perhaps local universities have copies? (the book is published by Ateneo Press.)

  31. This is great! Maraming salamat. You mentioned that you walked with a book that was published about 10 years ago. Can you please tell me the title of the book? Also, for others interested in Malolos’s history, check out Prof. Nic Tiongson’s book _The Women of Malolos_. Tiongson outlines a fascinating history of Malolos (how it developed into an urban center in the Spanish colonial period and the role of Chinese Mestizos. In case you don’t know, “Kamistisuhan” means place of the mestizos! (Thus, Tiongson’s analysis is important to understanding thie part of Malolos.) Anyways, thanks for your interesting travel blog!

  32. i am from malolos and this blog post made me very proud that i am a malolena… haha…

    thnaks to you author! why did you choose malolos to be a blog post?

    • I have been interested with old houses and structures alfred. Malolos’ is just one of the many fascinating historical places in our country worth sharing to the world.

  33. Cool!

  34. This was much more detailed even i only lives just across Barasoain Church.. Thanks and keep it up!

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