Casa Real de Malolos

The Casa Real of Malolos served different purposes and carried different names during the Spanish and American Periods. Built in 1580, it originally served as the seat of government of the town. It also became the town’s Casa Tribunal, Ayuntamiento, and Casa Presidencia Municipal. It served as the office of the Treasury and the office of the town’s gobernadorcillo during the Spanish period.

The building housed the National Printing Press during the First Philippine Republic where the revolutionary organs La Independencia, El Heraldo de la Revolucion, Kalayaan and Kaibigan ng Bayan were printed.

When the Americans captured Malolos, Casa Real became the seat of their Military Government. It was turned into a hospital in 1923 and later became an annex of the Bulacan High School in 1941. It housed the Japanese Chamber of Commerce during the Japanese Occupation.

One of the permanent exhibits in Casa Real Shrine are relics of the Brave Women of Malolos of whom Rizal wrote a poem to honor their courage of setting up a school against objections from the towns friars.


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  1. akala ko mabobored lang ako dito pero pagkapasok ko bali nung sept 28 lang kami nakapunta nadaming old things ang nandito

    • question lang po ganu nga po ba kalaki ang casa real

  2. astig sa casa real!!!

    • ditu sa CASA REAL ay may natututunan ka at marami pang bagay na makikita nuong sinaunang panahon

  3. can i ask a questio? who’s the architect of casa real?

  4. punta kami jan sa tue. fieldtrip nmn!

  5. oh, thank you! 🙂

  6. hi there!

    Do they have entrance fee? Thanks!:)

    • I believe its free rosemarie

  7. Regarding the Women of Malolos book, you can buy them either at Libros Filipinos Bookshop in Filipinas Heritage Library in Makati or at the Ateneo bookshop in Ateneo Library in Q.C. I strongly recommend to phone them first for availability and price. The book comes in soft and hardbound. My brother said that Libros Filipinos is more cheaper than Ateneo as he bought one last year.


  8. Hi, can you help me?..i nid to confirm you think that we can be allowed to take some video of the place?..we really nid it for our project….tnxs so much


  9. thanks for posting this… it really helped me for my project in philippine history.. also thanks for the pictures.. i copied one.. =)

  10. Great post, tourist spot pa din pala ang Malolos 🙂

  11. Hi there,

    I stumbled upon your blog whilst in search for The women of malolos book. I am finding it quite difficult in retrieving the book. I have found a couple of sites that are selling them online but have not at all gotten back to me. So since you’re on the subject of MALOLOS, maybe just maybe, you would know where I could possibly purchase The women of malolos book. I know its a hard book to find. I’d appreciate any insight.



    • I sure that Libros Filipinos Bookshop at the Filipinas Heritage Library still has copies of Nicanor Tiongson’s Women of Malolos Michelle. Hardbound is at 2,200 Php.

      You may call 892. 1801 or visit their site

  12. harhar.. indeed a big help.. ayt teta and anikka? =)

  13. Very informative article for tourism students of class 2t1-2t4. thanks so much such a big help..

  14. Thank you for posting this 🙂

  15. thanks for posting this.. it’s really a big help for my assignment.. 🙂

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