The Superferry Boating Lagoon


Burnham Park is one of the places in Baguio where one can rent a hooded boat and go paddling on its huge man-made lagoon. Nowadays, residents of Metro Manila have the option of not trekking up to Baguio to experience this once Burnham Park-exclusive activity. A paddle boat ride is now made available in La Mesa Ecopark in Quezon City.


This facility was named after the largest shipping company in the country –Superferry. Inscribed on each boat are Superferry’s ports of call.



The four feet deep lagoon is surrounded by lush greenery which gives the impression of paddling via a river along a tropical rain forest.






Adding to the natural beauty of the lagoon are the ducks that effortlessly float on waters to cross to the other side of the lagoon.




Seen from a distance are the daredevils who glide via a rope suspended over the lagoon.




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  1. Have fun with nature Kat. Take care.

  2. oh, I’m going there this Friday!

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