Have Fun with Nature while Saving La Mesa Dam Watershed

 Traveler on Foot joins the communities of the world in celebrating Earth Day 2008



Located inside an urban subdivision in Quezon City is a complete oasis called La Mesa Dam Ecopark. This 33 hectare public park located right outside the natural boundaries of the La Mesa Dam Watershed and 40 meters below the reservoir has become a healthful alternative among residents of a city teeming with shopping malls.





Due to lack of funds, illegal settling, and logging, this area was once neglected until Bantay Kalikasan (Nature Watch) spearheaded the rehabilitation, reforestation and protection of the La Mesa Dam Watershed.


With an entrance fee of 50 pesos to non-Quezon City residents, one can commune with nature and experience the park’s abundant greenery.



Some of the park’s facilities are named after its commercial sponsors like the Lopez Picnic Grounds (where we had lunch), the Shell Flower Terraces which actual forms the walls of the dam and the Superferry Boating Lagoon where the small boats are named after the shipping company’s ports of call. 





Additional fees are required for the use of some equipments and facilities like fishing rods (inclusive of earthworms for bait) for the fishing lagoon, swimming pool and boat for paddling ala Baguio’s Burnham Park. The additional fees are still minimal compared to what one will be spending when in a shopping mall or a classy resort in Metro Manila. 



According to the La Mesa Ecopark website, “Just by visiting you are already actively participating in Saving La Mesa Dam watershed.” This only means that all revenues generated by La Mesa Ecopark are utilized for the continuous preservation and protection of La Mesa Watershed.


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  1. Hi in Behalf of Manila Cathedral School I am Ms. Geronca , an Aralig Panlipunan Teacher and the Club Moderator of Nation Builders Club in our school, as a part of our Action Plan Program for the NBC , to develop their social awareness , i just wanna ask if how could we coordinate to you regarding tree planting project in your place .

  2. […] You live in a condo. Donate money to the La Mesa Dam tree planting […]

  3. looking forward to help in some ways in protecting the watershed…thank you for taking care of it.

  4. motorcycle club po kami papaano po mag sched ng tree planting together with our members ?

  5. We would like to to participate in future tree planting and other projects leading to the preservation of La Mesa Dam watershed. Can you help us reach those in charge of these activities? Any other inputs would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

  6. continue developing one of the tourist attraction here in the philippines and caring for the nature!
    can i ask regular schedule of visitors/tourist. hat timw open and closes and days open? other facilitis not published in the site because im planning to visit this place

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