Celebrating life at Avilon Zoo

The owners of Avilon Zoo in Montalban Rizal have thought of combining two French words: Aves meaning of or about birds, and Lon meaning land, to form the word Avilon or Land of Birds in naming the animal sanctuary.

According to the Avilon Zoo website, “Avilon is not just about birds. With its large exhibits of more than 3,000 specimens of exotic and endemic animals represented by more than 600 species of birds, mammals, reptiles, fishes and invertebrates, and close to 400 species of plants, of which more than 50% are Philippine endemics, Avilon zoo is one of the zoos in Southeast Asia having the most diverse representation of flora and fauna.”

Malaysian Tapirs, Indonesian Sun Bear, Canadian Bobcats, Burmese Rock Pythons, Tarantulas, Tortoises and Tigers share the sprawling facilities with species endemic to the Philippines such as Palawan Porcupines, Luzon Cloud Rats and Mindanao Hornbills.

Avilon Zoo owners adopted the motto: Celebrating Life! to symbolize the philosophy that life is precious and every living creature on Earth has a right to live — freely and fully. Avilon endeavors to showcase the Living Creatures that share the Earth with us in all its diversity and splendor; its cycles of birth and rebirth; its fragility and resiliency.

Information Sources: Avilon Zoo website and Wikipedia

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