The Mermaid Queen of Angono



There were many reported sightings of mermaids in the waters of Laguna de Bay. One of the most famous sightings of mermaids could be found is in the lakewaters of Angono. 



According to legend, beneath the lake was an underground palace of mermaids twinkling with various decorations made of pearls and precious gems. When children who swim in the lake disappear, the old folks believed that they have been taken away by the mermaids. 




The story began with the arrival of a stranger to the town. Then one day, this stranger walked towards the lake and disappeared in the waters. The people searched for him but they found no trace of the stranger.  


Several days passed when he appeared and told the people about his experience when he entered an underground cavern where a beautiful palace of mermaids is located in deep waters of the lake. He said that all the lost children were there and that they were all happy and safe because the Queen of the Mermaids took care of them.  



Before he left town, he said that one day, all the lost children would be found so long as their parents took good care of them and were good to them after they were returned by the Mermaid Queen. 

So after he left, a missionary came over. He chose a site for a chapel. It so happened that underneath the chapel was found an underground channel leading to the secret door of the mermaid kingdom. After the first Mass was held, a child was returned by the Queen of the mermaids every night. This she did until all the lost children were recovered.



The mermaid, seeing that the parents took care of the children, blessed the whole community with abundance in fishing. The town became prosperous through the help of this mermaid.   

In gratitude, the town’s people held a fiesta in her honor. They built pagoda and held a procession on the lake. The town’s people danced on the rafts made out of bancas put side by side. They sang native songs and fed their guests from other villages and towns.  


Since then, the people of Angono have faithfully celebrated the mermaid’s fiesta on the lake each year. The mermaid felt very happy over all this. She too kept her promise. Never again has she taken any child bathing on the lake. It is said that she still appears to fishermen of Angono now and then, and they welcome the sight of her.  



Information source: Grace Odal, Laguna de Bay



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  1. Greetings – an interesting posting – can we communicate by email about a research paper I am writing on Filipino mermaid culture?

  2. congratulations to basketball TEAM ANGONO for winning the 1st gov. jun ynares cup inter town beating binagonan by 26pts. in game 3 @ ynares center antipolo city

  3. Angono is rich in folklore. Some people still are quite superstitious. Some artists even claim that their talent is a gift from nunos. I do think their artistic slant really is from nature. Who wouldn’t be inspired by such a beautiful place?

  4. I’ve heard of similar accounts of this from Bay, Laguna, pronounced ‘bah-yee’. Though people have different takes on the origin of their town’s name – one popular theory is that they named their place after the ‘lady of the lake’ which does not refer to the Virgin Mary – but mythical creatures.

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