Balaw-Balaw Restaurant and Folk Art Museum

After a sense-nourishing and thought-enriching tour to the  Nemiranda ArtHouse and Dona Aurora Street Murals, we decided to have a hunger-satisfying brunch at Balaw-balaw Restaurant and Folk Art Museum.

Balaw-balaw refers to a sauce native to Angono. It is made of fermented shrimp paste mixed with red rice and it is use as a condiment for kare-kare or fish dishes.

With the strong desire to promote the culture of Angono, the late Angono artist Perdigon Vocalan put up the restaurant. The overall design of the restaurant showcases of the town’s culture like the Higates and masks made of papier mache.

More than a restaurant that serves exotic and native Filipino dishes, Balaw-balaw also exhibits the artworks of Vocalan at the second floor gallery. A workshop is located at the third floor where artisans create souvenirs available only at Balaw-balaw.

The restaurant became famous for serving exotic dishes such as the ginataang uok (larva of beetles harvested from coconut) nilasing na palaka (frog marinated in wine), kamaru (crickets), Cow’s balls soup, palos (fresh water eel), bibingkang abnoy (aborted duck eggs served in banana leaves), adobong baboy ramo (wild boar), bayawak (monitor lizard), sawa (python), tapang usa (cured deer meat). However, they stopped serving dishes whose main ingredient are listed under endangered species.

We’re too timid for something exotic, we agreed to have kare-kare and chicken for brunch.



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  1. From Edsa Central, take Binangonan FX or jeepney Highway. Drop off to Dona Justa Sybdivision. Balaw balaw is a few steps from there. Their contact number is 6510110

  2. Just knew about this restaurant few months ago from AFC channel..
    So, they also cooked ants? Interesting! ^^

  3. Been catching up on your blogs. Such a good read! Happy to stumble upon your site. Stunning photography coupled with superb writing!

    • Thank you for the kind words lifeisacelebration.

  4. […] Balaw-Balaw Restaurant and Folk Arts Museaum (Traveller on Foot) Rizal: Lunch at Balaw-Balaw Restaurant in Angono by Ivan Henares […]

  5. 651 0110

  6. pwede po bang makuha ang contact number?

  7. you should’ve tried the crispy fried itik… it’s much tastier than chicken… that’s one delicacy i missed most when i’m here in dubai…

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