Angono Street Murals

Art is synonymous to Angono Rizal. This lakeshore town is home to various art groups, private art museums, restaurants-cum-art gallery and a street lined with murals to honor their homegrown artists: National Artist for painting Carlos “Botong” Francisco, and National Artist for music Meastro Lucio San Pedro. As a town bursting with artistic fervor, it fittingly received its sobriquet as the Art Capital of the Philippines.

Doña Aurora Street in Barangay Poblacion Itaas is  home to the late Botong Francisco. As tribute to this national artist, murals casts in cement were installed on the walls that lined the street. These concrete murals were based on the actual paintings of the Botong Francisco.

We first visited the home of Botong Francisco which also served as his studio. His grandson, Carlos “Totong” Francisco II uses the space to continue his grandfather’s artistic legacy,  naming the art space as The Second Gallery.

Leaving the gallery, we met with Charlie Anorico, the artist who painstakingly traced, molded, and carved the murals along Doña Aurora Street. Charlie cordially invited us to show his works and expressed his admiration to the national artists of his town.

Botong Francisco is the greatest Filipino muralist. He did  research before painting. His mission is to preserve Philippine cultural history from the prehistoric period to the present. From the barrio fiestas and to scenes that form part of the cultural and religious life of the people of country and hometown.

Walking further up the narrow street, Charlie pointed us to a mural he created to honor Maestro Lucio San Pedro. The lyrics and notes one of his famous composition Sa Ugoy ng Duyan (On the Swaying of the Hammock) are inscribed on a wall. San Pedro is known for his “creative nationalism” with Filipino folk songs. He composed “tone poems” and lullabies that extol rural life.

Before leaving Doña Aurora Street, Charlie proudly concluded our walking tour saying, This is Angono, art is everywhere.


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  1. […] Botong is best known as a practitioner of mural paintings and historical pieces. His goal was to preserve Philippine cultural history from the prehistoric period to the present. He enjoyed depicting cultural and religious life of the Filipino people, especially from his […]

  2. I am from Uganda and i would also love to appreciate these beautiful art works from Angono artists.

  3. from there… you will see more ..

    • We are very honored to meet your father Aureen. I am sure that you must be very proud of your father especially with the murals he has created. will visit Good Sheperd Church soon. Thanks.

  4. I am someone who is very proud of HIS ART WORKS! Anak Nya ata to no! hehehe try to visit the Good Shepherd Parish at Omega St. Fairview Park QC.

  5. thank you for the invitation kunoichi. we will get in touch.

  6. oooh. you’re welcome to eat at our house. hehe. 😀

  7. thanks for the update kunoichi. we’ll be going back to Angono for the November 23 fiesta of San Clemente

  8. there are some new murals on the street. heads up, in case you’re interested to come back. 😀

    just sharing, i live in dona aurora but one day I’ve decided to walk and take pictures of the reliefs, i met charlie anorico, too! hehe. 😀

  9. Thanks for sharing this information Adrian.

  10. just a little trivia on the murals: before it was made into a mural sculpture, these walls was previously painted by Angono artists with Botong paintings.
    thanks for visiting Angono!

  11. I hope he does Sidney. I wanted him to be proud of our culture.

  12. Your son is really lucky to be able to see all those things. I am sure those will be precious experiences that will help him later in life. Even if he seems a bit young to remember everything it will for sure help him to respect art in all its forms when he grows up!

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